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We have heard the trumpets, we have changed the guard, and now each in our own way, and with God's help, we must answer the call.
She wanted to be loved, to have something answer the call that was growing louder and louder within her.
Line by line he read on, and still the ready inventiveness which had never deserted him yet failed to answer the call made on it now.
Of course, like most people, I could not understand what this was, but to enlighten you, it is companies offering you legal services etc, cold calling you, but to make sure that you answer the call they put in phone numbers that you recognise such as your bank or solicitor.
'We speak as a generation who must answer the call of destiny to consciously build a better nation.
There seems to be a ridiculous assumption that when somebody calls someone else, they are duty bound to answer the call. It is almost as though the caller has a right to take over the life of the called.
I wonder if Platini would answer the call if France called him up for a friendly international in the back of beyond?
The snippets of rock-solid fathers enjoying the chance to be there for their kids represents the very antithesis of the times men fail to answer the call of a spouse or girlfriend who is facing an unplanned pregnancy and feeling utterly alone.
"I will always answer the call and be available for my country and captain them as well - I am honoured to do so."
I have a caller display unit, which shows me the date, time and number calling me, if I do not know the person calling me I don't answer the call.
Wherever America's interests are threatened, America's Air Force has, and continues to, answer the call.
Whatever the amount of time or the method you choose, it's important to answer the call of your body, mind, and soul.
From the Continental Army's first battle--at Boston on June 17, 1775--to little-known early explorations such as the Red River Expedition of 1806 to today's operations in the war on terrorism, the Army has continued to answer the call to duty, promoting and protecting freedom throughout the world.
It's clearly a clever ruse by Paula Radcliffe to ensure no one ever asks again whether Athens was her lowest moment - judging by how far she crouched down to answer the call of nature, she can now answer "no".