answer back

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answer (one) back

To reply to one; to answer one's question or query. I called them last week, but they haven't answered me back yet. If he doesn't answer us back by today, we'll go ahead with the foreclosure.
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answer back

1. To respond angrily or rudely at an inappropriate or unwelcome time. Don't answer back to me, young lady. Your students don't respect you, that's why they always answer back when you try to discipline them.
2. To respond to a question or request. I called them last week, but they haven't answered back yet. If you don't answer back today, I'll assume you don't want to go to the game with me.
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answer back (to someone)

 and answer someone back
to talk back (to someone); to argue (with someone). (Fixed phrase.) I wish you wouldn't answer back to me that way. Please don't answer me back like that! Don't answer backer I'll ground you for a week!
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answer back

1. To respond to a question or request; reply: After I requested a catalog from the clothing company many times, they finally answered back, saying they didn't have any catalogs left. We leave message after message with them, but they never answer us back.
2. To respond rudely or inappropriately: Don't answer back to your mother like that!
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Says Michael Weinberg, executive vice president of Smith Barney, "One of the key benefits I find of working with Ted Moudis Associates is that if there is ever a problem or a question, I can go right to Ted and get an answer back; he's really on top of everything his people do."
Conceptually, the process isn't very different from the high-school exercise of substituting a calculated answer back into the original equation to check that the answer is correct.
San Miguel's reinforcement, who joined the team midway the conference in a bid to salvage a wobbly conference, also plucked down a crucial rebound in the next possession, denying KaTropa a chance to answer back.
So here we are all on parade Our cook's hats shaking slightly The head chef said "If she speaks to you Just answer back politely."
It is entirely fair to criticise banks and bankers who are quite able to answer back. But it's not fair to attack My Queen who cannot respond or is not in a position to answer back.
But these moaners know the royals cannot answer back, so they see them as easy targets with their back-stabbing remarks.
Yu, Blues' vice-chairman football, said there was no desire to rake up the past and criticise the previous board, or answer back in the wake of the mud-slinging in 2007 when the takeover failed.
Wit and wisdom 'Horses don't answer back' Mick Channon on why he opted for racehorse training over football management Who am I?
We have no money so the first thing that goes is the dog or cat, who cannot answer back.
He'd be reliable, waterproof, a good listener, and wouldn't answer back. And if she gets bored, she can always convert him into a handy bedside table.
Perhaps Mr Dan O'Neill would also like to tell us of his Welsh ancestry and background as I'm sure we would all like to know more about him, unlike Prince Charles, he can answer back but he need not tell us about his shower habits as every self-respecting person knows that ablutions are none of our business.
The series of posters feature hardhitting slogans such as 'Well, he said he was sorry', 'That'll teach her to answer back' and 'The facts about domestic violence in black and blue'.
The Gunners boss said: "We were always in a strong position this season, so the mind games were not really there as I never had to answer back. I decided to try to calm it down.
Relatives of the dead men accused the Ministry of Defence of trying to "shift the blame" on to men who cannot answer back.