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However, it is necessary to build the good discussion culture first so that no one gets embarrassed when his or her answer turns out to be incorrect.
Employees who comprise the second category by virtue of their failure to answer work-related questions after being properly compelled can be disciplined for their refusal to cooperate.
Once such individuals are identified, we would then be able to study what types of remedial procedures would be required to help raise these individuals' thinking levels to the point at which they could answer more of the higher-level questions.
com/, where visitors can submit questions, offer answers or peruse existing answers.
com, a pioneer in the industry, is the only social Q&A platform where members ask questions, share answers, collaboratively evaluate information and build a permanent archive of knowledge and experience for the benefit of its visitors and the visitors of its partner sites.
With three other key people - including two former managers of Executive Life - Snyder laid the ground work for Answer Financial as early as July 1997.
For some questions, keywords are just too evasive or the database containing the answer is unavailable in electronic form.
But is the "yes" or "no" answer computed by the program correct?
To support this growing initiative, Answer has established a new volunteer program known as Community Answer that will continue to provide opportunities for associates to give back to their communities.
NEW YORK, May 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Answers Corporation (NASD: ANSW), creators of Answers.
Virgin Atlantic Airways is introducing a new inflight texting service allowing passengers to send a question via their seatback IFE and receive an answer within minutes.
The answer to one or more of these questions can be found at each of these pages:
Students would often say that the teacher should know the answer, and, most importantly, tell them.
Media training," she writes, "teaches people all the fancy steps they need to answer the questions they want to answer, not those of an inquisitive reporter.