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I presume then that you are going to make one of the interdicted answers?
"Lady Ruth," he said, "will you favor me with an answer to my message?"
"Cigars and cigarettes, and jolly good ones, too," Aynesworth answered, opening a flat tin box, and smelling the contents appreciatively.
SOCRATES: And so of the virtues, however many and different they may be, they have all a common nature which makes them virtues; and on this he who would answer the question, 'What is virtue?' would do well to have his eye fixed: Do you understand?
And if you answered 'roundness,' he would reply to you, in my way of speaking, by asking whether you would say that roundness is 'figure' or 'a figure;' and you would answer 'a figure.'
``Ay, right,'' answered Front-de-B uf; ``and canst thou tell me, holy father, the number of those banditti?''
``Gallant sir,'' answered the Jester, ``nomen illis legio, their name is legion.''
"For a lawyer, you are the hardest man to keep to a point I ever saw," Ernest began his answer to the tirade.
"That you should not answer is intolerable," Ernest replied gravely.
"I am anxious to hear your news," he answered. "I am convinced that you have something important to say to me."
"Supposing," she answered, still looking at him steadily, "supposing I were to say that I had no object in coming here at all - that it was merely a whim?
"It is the king's word, woman," I answered sternly; but my heart was split in two within me.
"So much the better for you!" answered the Coal Man.
"Here, if you please, madam," the clerk answered. "I must go back to my desk.
"I suppose the papers have been talking a lot of rot," he answered bluntly.