another story

another story

Entirely different in scope or description from the person or thing that was just being discussed. I'm fine with you going out tonight, but if you want to stay out past curfew, that's another story entirely!
See also: another, story

(quite) another ˈstory


a (quite) different ˈstory

1 very different from what has just been said: Her English is excellent, but her French is another story.
2 used when you are talking about one thing and then mention another thing, which you are not going to talk about on that occasion: I once met Paul McCartney, but that’s another story. I’ll tell you about that one day.
See also: another, story
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Another story in the collection of Kwerawary is the story of La Wlati Qaramanan.
[5] "Jungle Video," another story in Lombreglia's Men Under Water collection, also shows a man's perception of reality blending with a media-created fantasy after he succumbs to the attraction of rich, eccentric, camera-wielding friends.
The title-story describes a slave community violently resisting the recapture of one of its members; another story is a fable about a civic politician's plight when all the black people in his city leave the day after the Bill takes effect; and the final story contains a chorus of voices commenting on the Anthony Burns case in Boston.
Bergamino is one who "by means of a charming tale, representing through another story that which he wished to say about himself and Can Grande, ashamed messer Can della Scala, a great lord, of a sudden and uncommon stinginess that had appeared in him." (I.7.4).
The cruise lines got their way with another story published four years ago when Laura Bly, a United Press Syndicate writer, chronicled the terror of passengers trapped on Caribbean cruises during hurricanes.
Shortcut was another story that needed more words, but there are a lot fewer than in Bigmamas because the graphics in that story were more easily a carrier of the story.
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