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anoint (someone/oneself) with (something)

To touch someone or oneself with a liquid (such as oil or water). The phrase often retains its religious connotations. They will anoint my baby with chrism during her baptism today. To alleviate the inflammation in my leg, I have to anoint myself with this special cream every day. We stopped and anointed ourselves with holy water on our way into the church.
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anoint someone with something

to pour or rub oil on a person's head as an honor or blessing; to put a liquid onto oneself. (Mostly in biblical references.) They anointed the king with oil and praised him greatly. He anointed himself with a menthol rub that was meant to help his cold symptoms.
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But when family and friends are present for the prayer during the anointing, there is a sense of hope and healing.
Ayurveda refers to this as Abhyanga, an anointing of the oils as a daily routine.
With this background, it seems very natural that the New Testament witnesses to a churchly rite of healing that is connected with the blessing of oil and the anointing of persons with it, having as its purpose physical and spiritual healing.
Following the final talk tonight - which deals with the commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" - the congregation and the bishops and archdeacons of Coventry and Warwick and cathedral canons, as well as representatives of all Christian denominations, will move into the ruins for the anointing.
The gesture of anointing with oil links the woman to the ministry of the disciples in chapter 6 (6:13) where they are designated apostles for the first time (6:7).
Connolly early this century of the absence of post-baptismal rites in Syria until the late fourth or, even early fifth century,(1) as Paul Bradshaw has recently noted,(2) caused great problems for the general consensus that there must have been some kind of post-baptismal rite of anointing or `confirmation' throughout the early Christian world from quite early on.
'When you are into ministry and you have what we call anointing, you have become profitable; you begin to touch lives; you begin to bless people; you begin to change the stories of families and your own story will change also because the man that waters others shall be watered by God.
Popular gospel artiste, Evangelist Dunni Olanrewaju, a.k.a Opelope Anointing has said her fans contribute an invaluable asset to her music career.
Every now and then I get calls to administer anointing for those afflicted with terminal sicknesses like cancer.
They are our brothers Mudavadi and Wetang'ula but the anointing has 'refused' them.
"How to TAP into the Glory of God" is an important book for everyone with a hunger for more manifestations of the presence of God and desirous of experiencing the Holy Spirit's release of His anointing power.
I stood the cross up on its base and repeated Sandy's anointing, this time officially.
Television Producer Steven Jennings, coordinated the written agreement between Preach The Word Worldwide Network, their flagship TV show entitled “America's Got Anointing,” and the representative from Motown Gospel.
What makes this worse is that we are familiar with the anointing stories in the other three gospels.
When it's time for the anointing, Father Jerry approaches a row of wheelchairs parked in front of the altar.