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anoint (someone/oneself) with (something)

To touch someone or oneself with a liquid (such as oil or water). The phrase often retains its religious connotations. They will anoint my baby with chrism during her baptism today. To alleviate the inflammation in my leg, I have to anoint myself with this special cream every day. We stopped and anointed ourselves with holy water on our way into the church.
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anoint someone with something

to pour or rub oil on a person's head as an honor or blessing; to put a liquid onto oneself. (Mostly in biblical references.) They anointed the king with oil and praised him greatly. He anointed himself with a menthol rub that was meant to help his cold symptoms.
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Peter, in Galatians 2: 11-14, and that can amount to touching an anointed, as loosely defined today.
The jubilee year as a year of grace is a symbol of the time of salvation brought about by the Anointed One.
I, the Lord, have anointed you and sent you on a mission."
In the UK you can only become a king or queen through birth or by marriage, unlike in Cameroon, where you can be anointed by way of a "sacred" ceremony.
Having made arrangements for 2018 and saying her goodbyes earlier this month, the next thing Ms Adams knew was that she was being anointed queen of the region for her good work.
23:5) and "God has anointed you with the oil of gladness" (Ps.
Asked when he would decide on his anointed one, the President said he would have wanted it during his meeting with the three officials but said he needed to listen to members of the Liberal Party and other sectors.
The congregation comes forward and creates a chain of hands upon the person that is being anointed.
The story of the two anointed ones within the Tanakh, Bible and Qur'an leave the truth of the Sevenfold Teaching as the true path to Peace and Life within the world.
Despite the IPL Twenty20 competition being embroiled in allegations of illegal betting and spot-fixing, including against Srinivasan's son-in-law, BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel confirmed that Srinivasan would go to Melbourne and was expected to be anointed ICC chairman.
In John, Jesus is anointed by Mary of Bethany, his dear friend.
The question that animates The Anointed is why so many people believe these guys (they're all men) when there are highly credentialed evangelicals competing to be heard.
At the auspicious time the President was anointed oil by Chancellor of Ruhuna University Venerable Rajakeeya Panditha, Aththudawe Sri Rahula Annunayake Thero.
In short, social scientists, by and large, continue to reject empirical evidence because it is viewed as being simplistic or, more importantly, because the evidence contravenes their "anointed vision."
It is his desire for each reader to commit themselves to an unreserved pursuit of God, His Son Jesus, anointed power of the Holy Spirit.