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scare the hell out of (one)

To shock or frighten one very suddenly and/or severely. Don't sneak up on me like that, you scared the hell out of me! That car accident seems to have scared the hell out of Janet—she's still shaken by it.
See also: hell, of, out, scare

scare, annoy, etc. the ˈhell out of somebody

(informal) scare, annoy, etc. somebody very much: The sight of a man with a gun scared the hell out of her.Louise suddenly surprised the hell out of us by announcing that she was pregnant!
See also: hell, of, out, somebody
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But things got really interesting once the researchers built a pool of more and less annoying ads.
The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange" first aired on Cartoon Network in May 2012.
According to the company, 'The Annoying Orange,' created by Dane Boedigheimer for Gag Films, is a web series that has accumulated more than 200m views since its debut in October 2009.
Claiming second, but only just ahead of third, are stupid or lazy workers -- 21 percent of Kipp readers find them the most annoying colleagues.
and there conduct themselves in a manner annoying to persons passing by.
But Rosie actually answered her critics on this one, saying on her video blog: "I, apparently, am the most annoying celebrity, according to Parade Magazine.
I thought the book should include multiple scenarios of what to do in specific situations to deal with annoying people, such as a nosey neighbor, a nagging mother-in-law, an acquaintance that is turning into your personal stalker etc.
A EUROPEAN Union (EU)-funded survey has revealed that traffic noise is the most annoying unwanted sound for EU urban citizens.
THE most annoying thing about tickets for the final is that there is no priority for season ticket holders.
The annoying fact is it seems playing on may have made it a lot worse.
A survey by airline Monarch has revealed that 67% of air passengers would find using a mobile phone during a flight and having to listen to annoying ringtones, one of the most annoying inflight experiences.
How To Be A Christian Without Being Annoying by Bette Dowdell is an explorative instructional guide to the many intricacies, latent tendencies and introspective mentality of the general Christian.
A new book published by O'Reilly aims to help readers fix the most annoying things about going online.
The cacophony of noise in the modern world is annoying to many and literally enough to make some people sick.
It said that "the abused and overused phrase was first in a poll of most annoying cliches.