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scare the hell out of (one)

To shock or frighten one very suddenly and severely. Don't sneak up on me like that—you scared the hell out of me! The sound of the fire alarm scared the hell out of us this morning.
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scare, annoy, etc. the ˈhell out of somebody

(informal) scare, annoy, etc. somebody very much: The sight of a man with a gun scared the hell out of her.Louise suddenly surprised the hell out of us by announcing that she was pregnant!
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Meanwhile, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Nurshafini Mustafha, when addressing the 'annoying' issue argued that the appellant' had a clear intention to annoy others through this act.
However, the brother of country crooner Nathan Carter admitted it annoys him when people put them in the same genre.
Dubai: Real estate brokers in Dubai have been told to stop direct calls to property owners not listed with them or to individuals as it annoys people, officials from Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera) and Dubai police said on Sunday.
He initially denied journalists annoy him, saying: "I love reporters."
Among those annoyed by the new prohibitions was local gadfly Chetly Zarko, who noted that they seemed to fly in the face of a 1971 decision in which the U.S.
But you can use headphones so you don't annoy everyone else.
According to Polygon, Ugandan Knuckles users do this for no other reason than to annoy. For some, it may look harmless, but other users see the racist aspect.
In other age groups, more men pinpointed their wives or girlfriends as the person most likely to annoy them than women - marginally.
Isn't it annoying - the little things in life that really annoy you?
He's seeking to annoy the people who annoy us - wheel clampers and the like - but, too often, the first programme descended into one big moan (he didn't half go on and on about CCTV).
"Freedom of speech entails the right to annoy people.
When it comes to things that annoy customers most, 55 per cent of those questioned said they resented being constantly bombarded with offers for loans, while 42 per cent hated having to wait to use a bank or building society's counter service or cash machine.
I will not be surprised if the kids start throwing snowballs at them or try to annoy them until they leave.
A BIRMINGHAM teenager put a spoonful of turpentine spirit into his mother's curry to "annoy" her - but has escaped jail.