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announce for

To show one's political support for someone or something. If the incumbent president announces for me, it will be a huge boost to my campaign.
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announce (something) to

To make a public declaration about something. We haven't announced our pregnancy to anyone yet—you're the first to know! The boss hasn't announced his decision to the office yet, so we still don't know who got the promotion.
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announce (one's support) for someone or something

to declare one's political support for someone or something. The senator announced for the Supreme Court nominee. Our club announced for the incumbent candidate.
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announce something to someone

to tell something publicly to someone. The president announced his nominee for attorney general to the media. When was the news announced to the public?
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References in classic literature ?
In proportion as they redoubled the exorcisms he redoubled the temptations; so that day and night the bell was ringing full swing, announcing the extreme desire for mortification which the penitent experienced.
A dark cloud passed over the brow of the prince; then, dashing his hand across it, "Do you still see any difficulty in announcing me?
They had no sooner departed than the band before the palace began to play again, announcing more arrivals, and as these were doubtless from foreign parts the High Chamberlain hurried back to receive them in his most official manner.
Maston and Belfast to the gentlemen of the Cambridge Observatory, announcing that on the 11th of December at 8h.
attorney in Los Angeles is announcing that Credit Lyonnais and several other entities and individuals have agreed to plead guilty to specific crimes related to their roles in the Executive Life matter, as well as announcing an indictment against several other individuals involved in the matter, including Peyrelevade.
PS producers said they put through 3[cent]/lb increases in April after announcing two hikes of 3[cent]/lb for February and April.
The occupants, having concealment in the house, now also know where the announcing officer is and can prepare for violent resistance to police entry.
NEW YORK -- L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) announced today that its Henschel subsidiary (L-3 Henschel), a major supplier of communications and announcing systems to the U.
Once the final merger consideration and proration are determined, a press release announcing the results will be issued on or about February 7, 2006.
Adomo will be announcing voice services and unified communications enhancements to Adomo Voice Messaging for Exchange.
The shift in the industry towards IP convergence is reflected at this year's NetWorld+Interop, and the new products and services that these exhibitors are announcing are prime examples of this innovation that is changing the industry.
NeoSpeech will be announcing both a customer in the multimedia space and a platform partner.
Whether announcing a "new arrival" or capturing family fun at a weekend barbecue, Canon's new Compact Photo Printers CP-220 and CP-330 allow consumers to print pictures quickly, easily and directly from a digital camera, virtually anywhere.
In addition to announcing the signing of two new licensees in 2004, Chimera has also recently announced several large initiatives to capitalize on the exponential growth of global online gambling.