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announce for

To show one's political support for someone or something. If the incumbent president announces for me, it will be a huge boost to my campaign.
See also: announce

announce (something) to

To make a public declaration about something. We haven't announced our pregnancy to anyone yet—you're the first to know! The boss hasn't announced his decision to the office yet, so we still don't know who got the promotion.
See also: announce

announce (one's support) for someone or something

to declare one's political support for someone or something. The senator announced for the Supreme Court nominee. Our club announced for the incumbent candidate.
See also: announce

announce something to someone

to tell something publicly to someone. The president announced his nominee for attorney general to the media. When was the news announced to the public?
See also: announce
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Located in Newburyport, Massachusetts, L-3 Henschel is a leading supplier of design, engineering, manufacturing and integration of shipboard communications, navigation and control systems and produces other technologically advanced solutions for naval applications, such as the integrated communications system for the USS VIRGINIA-class attack submarines, the amplified announcing system for the SAN ANTONIO-class amphibious ships, the video data distribution system for the ARLEIGH BURKE-class Guided Missile Destroyers and the computer information system and integrated communication system for the UK HMS ASTUTE-class submarines.
Panda Software will be announcing its latest version of Panda BusinesSecure, an intrusion prevention system designed for SMBs to large enterprise networks.
E[acute accent]--Apdex is showcasing its products for performance across applications and two Apdex Alliance members are announcing demos of this new metric
E[acute accent]--AT&T is announcing enhancements to it world-class portfolio of services
E[acute accent]--BeatBox Technololgies is announcing breakthrough plug-and-play web optimization appliances
E[acute accent]--BlueCat Networks(TM) is previewing its Proteus(TM) enterprise-class IPAM appliance, announcing MAC-based filtering for its Adonis(TM) lineup and announcing a joint OEM agreement with Sun Microsystems to address the networking and security needs of medium and large sized enterprises
E[acute accent]--Covaro will be announcing its Etherjack(R) Partner Program and introducing its CC-312 Ethernet extension device
E[acute accent]--Colubris Networks is announcing its next-generation Unified Services Network (USN) architecture and new strategy to unify wireless and wired network infrastructures
Emic Networks, the leading provider of application clustering solutions for open source, is announcing that it has joined the MySQL Network Certified Partner Program.
HiT Software is announcing DBMoto 5 for the MySQL database.
Metilinx is announcing a suite of platform-independent database tools at this week's show.
OpenLogic is announcing that it is showcasing the latest version of its BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite, which accelerates development and deployment for MySQL users.
is announcing support for the MySQL database in its core Spatial ETL (extract, transform, and load) technology.
is announcing its participation in the MySQL Network Certified Partner Program.
But with everything that we aren't announcing this year, we have to wonder who is really chasing whom.