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announce (something) to

To make a public declaration about something. We haven't announced our pregnancy to anyone yet—you're the first to know! The boss hasn't announced his decision to the office yet, so we still don't know who got the promotion.
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announce for

To show one's political support for someone or something. If the incumbent president announces for me, it will be a huge boost to my campaign.
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announce (one's support) for someone or something

to declare one's political support for someone or something. The senator announced for the Supreme Court nominee. Our club announced for the incumbent candidate.
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announce something to someone

to tell something publicly to someone. The president announced his nominee for attorney general to the media. When was the news announced to the public?
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representative Edward Schrock of Virginia announces his retirement.
announces it will offer health insurance to the domestic partners of its gay and lesbian employees.
* May 16 - Tembec announces that on June lit will shut down three of its Canadian sawmills for five weeks including Cochrane.
* October 8, 2002 - Weyerhaeuser announces it is permanently closing its Canadian containerboard mill located in Sturgeon Falls.
September 1993: Falwell announces he will not reactivate the Moral Majority but will instead do political work through a group called the Liberty Alliance.
March 1994: Falwell announces the formation of a new group, Mission America, which he claims will mobilize like-minded clergy across the country.
The agency announces it's giving out a large lump of money and alerts the senator.
The "I read the Newspaper Before You Did' or the "Sun Set Yesterday, Congressman Announces' press releases are those in which legislators coyly associate themselves with a well-publicized decision or event simply by announcing it again on their own stationery.
In late May NGLTF announces Toledo's replacement, Lorri Jean, the former executive director of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.
After the group threatens to sue, South Dakota governor Bill Janklow announces on August 17 that the organization will get its sign.
announces the sale of 127 East 81st St., a 4-story 3,800-SF residential property located between Park and Lexington A venues.
Butler Rogers Baskett, a New York-based architecture and interior design firm, is pleased to announce that Bruce D.