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announce for

To show one's political support for someone or something. If the incumbent president announces for me, it will be a huge boost to my campaign.
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announce (something) to

To make a public declaration about something. We haven't announced our pregnancy to anyone yet—you're the first to know! The boss hasn't announced his decision to the office yet, so we still don't know who got the promotion.
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announce (one's support) for someone or something

to declare one's political support for someone or something. The senator announced for the Supreme Court nominee. Our club announced for the incumbent candidate.
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announce something to someone

to tell something publicly to someone. The president announced his nominee for attorney general to the media. When was the news announced to the public?
See also: announce
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The apprehension of peril exception is triggered when officers entering premises have a reasonable belief that to announce their presence prior to the entry would increase the likelihood of injury either to themselves or to others.
The useless gesture exception to the knock and announce rule arises when the occupants of a house already have notice of the officers' nature and authority.
In some jurisdictions, the fact that a house has normal plumbing facilities satisfies the question of ability or inclination to destroy evidence, thus allowing police to presume that exigent circumstances exist and excusing compliance with the knock and announce rule.