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announce for

To show one's political support for someone or something. If the incumbent president announces for me, it will be a huge boost to my campaign.
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announce (something) to

To make a public declaration about something. We haven't announced our pregnancy to anyone yet—you're the first to know! The boss hasn't announced his decision to the office yet, so we still don't know who got the promotion.
See also: announce

announce (one's support) for someone or something

to declare one's political support for someone or something. The senator announced for the Supreme Court nominee. Our club announced for the incumbent candidate.
See also: announce

announce something to someone

to tell something publicly to someone. The president announced his nominee for attorney general to the media. When was the news announced to the public?
See also: announce
References in classic literature ?
All you have to do is to announce me as Prince Muishkin, and the object of my visit will be plain enough.
In either case, how was he to announce this singular visitor?
I can't announce a visitor like yourself without the secretary.
When they announce the sentence, you know, and prepare the criminal and tie his hands, and cart him off to the scaffold--that's the fearful part of the business.
Pakistan's Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, addressed a ballroom full of politicians, diplomats, tourism officials and press, including Travel Agent, on Thursday in New York City to announce Visit Pakistan Year 2007, a multi-country tourism marketing campaign.
Prior to trial, the defendant filed a motion to suppress the evidence seized during the search, arguing that the police had violated her Fourth Amendment rights by failing to knock and announce prior to entering her home.
When companies the size of Lockheed and Martin Marietta announce plans to merge, it becomes clear that continued consolidation in this sector is inevitable.
Both HomeCell and AnnounceIt are powerful, innovative tools that required us to partner with a company that had solid carrier connectivity and a proven track record of quick time to market," said Jeff Mould, President of Announce Mobile.
Citel Technologies, VoIP Migration Company(TM) plans to announce an alliance designed to enhance the interoperability of its Handset Gateway product line
3e Technologies will announce the 525A-3, to be used for a variety of security measures.
Clearly Canadian is also pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew J.
and Colubris Networks announce a partnership agreement to integrate AirMagnet's Enterprise software into Colubris' Intelligent Wireless LAN System
a leading investment bank to the global financial services community, is pleased to announce that the company led all financial advisers in 2004 based on number of transactions in the securities and investments category, according to SNL DataSource, a premier information specialist serving the financial services, real estate, and energy industries.
LAS VEGAS, LOS ANGELES and TOKYO -- HD DVD Momentum Continues as Several Companies and Hollywood Studios Announce Availability for HD DVD Hardware and Content Beginning Q4 2005
IBM announces the first commercial disk drive, the RAMAC 350 having 5MB of capacity on a 24-inch diameter platter and priced at $7,800 per MB.