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annex (something) to

To legally join tracts of land. In order to make such drastic renovations to your home, you'll need to annex more land to your lot.
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annex something to something

[for a governmental body of a town or city] to attach a parcel of land onto an existing parcel of land through legal proceedings. The village annexed some adjacent land to itself. The adjoining lot was annexed to the site to allow for a bigger building.
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annex to something

[for the owner of a parcel of land] to have land attached to an adjacent town or city. Our community doesn't want to annex to Adamsville. The town voted to annex to the neighboring city of Smithton.
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When the council does revisit the topic of annexation, the county and the city will have to engage in a political dance as neither wants to appear to be promoting or discouraging annexing the area.
We don't have anything against annexing into the city, but we'd want to do that to better preserve our environment,'' McCloud said.
Noting that the project remains at early stages in the annexation and approval process, city Planning Manager Vince Bertoni said the city has not studied annexing the two neighborhoods beyond Golden Valley Ranch.
The county's Local Agency Formation Commission unanimously approved annexing the property, which includes the 540-acre College Park project.
Under current law, an annexed area must be contiguous with the annexing city.
But the key to the process will probably be the reaction of North Park residents to annexing, Stotler said.