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annex (something) to

To legally join tracts of land. In order to make such drastic renovations to your home, you'll need to annex more land to your lot.
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annex something to something

[for a governmental body of a town or city] to attach a parcel of land onto an existing parcel of land through legal proceedings. The village annexed some adjacent land to itself. The adjoining lot was annexed to the site to allow for a bigger building.
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annex to something

[for the owner of a parcel of land] to have land attached to an adjacent town or city. Our community doesn't want to annex to Adamsville. The town voted to annex to the neighboring city of Smithton.
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Flexibility has always been a part of the process," Ferrer said when asked about a possible delay in the completion of the annexes.
It was too late to have a technical working group for the modalities and arrangements annex, Ferrer said, but the panels were trying to find a way to work on the annex "simultaneously" with the other annexes.
Removing the family tax penalty on annexes and home improvements will help provide more affordable housing and strengthen the bonds that tie society together.
By cutting town hall taxes on family annexes, extensions and home improvements, we are supporting aspiration and choice, as well as giving a boost to the construction sector and local traders.
The government has also removed the community infrastructure levy on self-build properties, including all extensions, family annexes and home improvements.
The Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday ended the 39th round of formal exploratory talks on a positive note, resolving several issues on the two remaining annexes on power sharing and normalization.
In a joint statement, the parties said they have achieved substantial progress in the discussions towards finalizing the Annexes on Power Sharing and Normalization to the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB).
Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles today (25 August 2013) announced new government plans to remove an unfair Council Tax surcharge on family annexes and home improvements, to help support extended families.
Many families benefit from living in properties with self-contained annexes that allow them to house or care for extended family members.
Cost of the item description and minimum requirements The minimum requirements of the contract and the additional data have been collected and identified in the invitation to tender Enclosure 1-5 (Excel Workbook Tabs 1-5) - Annex 1: The hardware requirements; : - Annex 2: training requirements; : - Annex 3: The warranty and service requirements; : - Appendix 4: The costs of maintenance (technical operation); : - Annex 5: delivery and installation; : The tenderer must Annexes (1-5) by supplementing each of the requirement to assure the realization, to respond to the requests for clarification and return the note with the tender.
Contract notice: Cleaning of premises for offices and annexes of the water agency artois - picardie and cleaning local glazing for offices and annexes of the water agency artois - picardie.