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annex (something) to

To legally join tracts of land. In order to make such drastic renovations to your home, you'll need to annex more land to your lot.
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annex something to something

[for a governmental body of a town or city] to attach a parcel of land onto an existing parcel of land through legal proceedings. The village annexed some adjacent land to itself. The adjoining lot was annexed to the site to allow for a bigger building.
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annex to something

[for the owner of a parcel of land] to have land attached to an adjacent town or city. Our community doesn't want to annex to Adamsville. The town voted to annex to the neighboring city of Smithton.
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Annex is Havas' fast-growing global network designed to help brands tap into the business of culture.
Carlile has a unique perspective on the Annex as part of the IUPUC ambassador program, which assists students during orientation.
Ali Al-Qahoom, spokesperson for the Houthis, confirmed to the Yemen Times that all the terms in the annex will be implemented because they are in the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) outcomes.
A major portion on the annex on normalisation involves the decommissioning of weapons of members of the MILF.
Annex V has not been amended, since no member state has requested its amendment.
This mechanism has the potential to accelerate investment in developing countries sustainably, by encouraging Annex I countries to invest funds in or provide technology transfers for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Non-Annex I countries.
DRAINAGE CONTRACTOR 145 Thames Rd W., Exeter, ON NOM 1S3; 519/235-2400, FAX: 519/235-0798 Web site: Parent co: Annex Publishing & Printing Inc.
Sponsored by the International Energy Agency (IEA), Annex XV is a collaborative effort between four countries: the United States, Sweden, Canada, and Finland.
The guidelines and the annex provide the framework for a case-by-case consideration of transfers of items contained in the annex, while at the same time not impeding national space programs or international cooperation in space programs.
Icons have been defined in SPI-2 annex for all the different SCSI interfaces.
The proposal, called Annex 2001, is an amendment to the Great Lakes Charter of 1985.
The convention lists participating countries in two designations: the Annex I and Annex II Parties.
An archaeological museum in a cathedral annex on the west coast of italy pays tribute to the rich and ancient history of the area.
They believe they have a right to annex any outlying area with an appealing tax base, then take their time delivering the services those taxes are supposed to pay for.
An agreement will be concluded on the exact mode and conditions of the elections in accordance with the protocol attached as Annex I, with the goal of holding the elections not later than nine months after the entry into force of this Declaration of Principles.