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a hungry man is an angry man

proverb Hunger can cause people to be volatile. A hungry man is an angry man, so it's really in your best interest to let your workers have an adequate lunch break.
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angry enough to chew nails

Seething with anger; furious to the point of becoming irrational. I tell you, I was angry enough to chew nails when they told me they'd given the grant to that hack, Dr. Warner. The boss was angry enough to chew nails after he heard we'd lost the Jefferson account.
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angry young man

1. One of a group of 20th-century British authors whose works expressed disillusionment with conventional society. In this usage, the phrase is often capitalized. This author is considered an Angry Young Man, so what kinds of themes can we expect to find in this book?
2. By extension, a young man who rebels against traditional values and society. He's an angry young man, protesting against a government he thinks is unjust.
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mad enough to chew nails

Seethingly angry; furious to the point of becoming irrational. I tell you, I was mad enough to chew nails when they told me they'd given the grant to that hack, Dr. Warner. The boss was mad enough to chew nails after he heard we'd lost the Jefferson account.
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wax angry

To speak or write in an angry, indignant, or wrathful manner. Fans of the singer have been waxing angry online about the announcement that her new album would be pulled from store shelves due to the recent controversy. You can wax angry all you like, Tom, but it's not going to change the board's decision.
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mad enough to chew nails (and spit rivets)

 and angry enough to chew nails; mad enough to spit nails
Inf. Fig. very angry, as if to be able to bite through metal nails. I am mad enough to chew nails! Who took my checkbook? Her sudden tirade made him angry enough to chew nails. He stomped in, mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets.
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wax angry

 and wax wroth
Fig. to speak in anger and with indignity. Seeing the damage done by the careless children caused the preacher to wax wroth at their parents.
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angry young man

a young man who feels and expresses anger at the conventional values of the society around him.
Originally, this term referred to a member of a group of socially conscious writers in Britain in the 1950s, in particular the playwright John Osborne. The phrase, the title of a book ( 1951 ) by Leslie Paul , was used of Osborne in the publicity material for his play Look Back in Anger ( 1956 ), in which the characteristic views of the angry young men were articulated by the anti-hero Jimmy Porter .
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But he denied speaking angrily and said workers in a nearby hair salon would back that statement up.
According to the New York Post, Sterling, while defending himself throughout the call to his friend, said that he grew up in East Los Angeles, and angrily said that his pal would die to get out of there.
While many reacted angrily there were others who admitted there is a problem of tax avoidance in Greece, and it is well known to politicians inside and outside of the country.
ken imhapse10me SHE angrily denied she Ashton Kutcher, so whe mum started making jo alleged romance we can Rude Boy star wasn't h And maybe her pos carpet at the TIME subtle hint for her to zip it about theHalf Men actor.
The New York Times reported that the telephone conversation was "furious." It was also reported that Netanyahu "reacted angrily" in response to President Barack Obama's proposal that Israel's pre-1967 borders should serve as home to a new Palestinian state.
Coronation Street (7.30pm) Chesney angrily confronts Fiz when Kirk lets slip she has gone shopping for a wedding dress.
Pakistan were recommended to win the washed-out third match at 6-4, but their hopes suffered a tremendous blow yesterday when Shahid Afridi received a four-match ban for reacting angrily to abuse from a spectator.
Ratcliffe angrily claimed that the Indians were trying to cheat him out of full baskets of corn.
In response, school officials cut off Brittany's microphone so she could not finish her speech, whereupon people in the audience "angrily booed" the school's censorship!
State legislators in Indiana are angrily vowing to challenge a federal court ruling striking down the practice of sectarian prayers before the state House of Representatives.
Like a movie within a single picture but composed of innumerable frames, they allow the impulsiveness of the moment to gain monumental impact, as with the angrily spilled milk fountain in Milk, 1984, or the hilariously beautiful A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai), 1993.
When I question how they can support a company that is stocking their shelves with goods made in Chinese sweatshops, they angrily reply that their first concern is with their own families, and Wal-Mart has the best prices.
"Of course I know what love is!" I yelled angrily. My fists were tightly clenched, but my eyes were starting to tear up.
The young pouting Goddess is done splendidly when she cajoles Christopher to help her and then angrily laments her fate.