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mad enough to chew nails (and spit rivets)

 and angry enough to chew nails; mad enough to spit nails
Inf. Fig. very angry, as if to be able to bite through metal nails. I am mad enough to chew nails! Who took my checkbook? Her sudden tirade made him angry enough to chew nails. He stomped in, mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets.
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wax angry

 and wax wroth
Fig. to speak in anger and with indignity. Seeing the damage done by the careless children caused the preacher to wax wroth at their parents.
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angry young man

a young man who feels and expresses anger at the conventional values of the society around him.
Originally, this term referred to a member of a group of socially conscious writers in Britain in the 1950s, in particular the playwright John Osborne. The phrase, the title of a book ( 1951 ) by Leslie Paul , was used of Osborne in the publicity material for his play Look Back in Anger ( 1956 ), in which the characteristic views of the angry young men were articulated by the anti-hero Jimmy Porter .
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References in classic literature ?
Feeling that his question was somewhat gauche, he smiled angrily.
She spoke angrily, and in great excitement, and expected an immediate reply.
When Hippolyte had finished, Ivan Fedorovitch shrugged his shoulders, and his wife looked him angrily up and down, as if to demand the meaning of his movement.
Cohen angrily dismissed these rumors as a: "low-water mark in corporate competitiveness.
Summary: Residents of a scenic village in Austria have reacted angrily to news that their home town is being replicated in China.
Summary: Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on Monday angrily denied playing a double game by supporting the Taliban while taking money from the United States to fight them when he was in power.
Perhaps if the culture came to its collective senses and allowed adults to engage in behaviors of their choice while concurrently educating and instilling our children with values and morality, those same children would not make the choices some angrily and hypocritically lash out against.
EVERTON star Jesper Blomqvist has put his Goodison career in doubt after angrily showering the bench with a drink bottle.
HARRODS supremo Mohamed Al Fayed yesterday angrily rubbished claims that he won his cash-for-questions libel battle with former MP Neil Hamilton by buying documents rifled from bins.
The source of the noise: a large, colorful parrot, angrily arguing with itself in the mirror.
Summary: Residents in Malawi's financial capital Blantyre have reacted angrily at government attempts to criminalise farting in public.
Family members angrily defended Tehrani, saying he is Jewish and would not commit a crime against his or any other faith.
SLOBODAN Milosevic clashed angrily with the first witness in his war crimes trial yesterday.
Summary: Anti-government protesters in Egypt have reacted angrily to the news that President Hosni Mubarak does not plan to step down.
Hurray for Patricia Heaton of ``Everybody Loves Raymond'' when she angrily walked out of the American Music Awards because of all of the vulgarity spewing forth from the Osbourne family.