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angry young man

1. One of a group of 20th-century British authors whose works expressed disillusionment with conventional society. In this usage, the phrase is often capitalized. This author is considered an Angry Young Man, so what kinds of themes can we expect to find in this book?
2. By extension, a young man who rebels against traditional values and society. He's an angry young man, protesting against a government he thinks is unjust.
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mad enough to chew nails

Seethingly angry; furious to the point of becoming irrational. I tell you, I was mad enough to chew nails when they told me they'd given the grant to that hack, Dr. Warner. The boss was mad enough to chew nails after he heard we'd lost the Jefferson account.
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mad enough to chew nails (and spit rivets)

 and angry enough to chew nails; mad enough to spit nails
Inf. Fig. very angry, as if to be able to bite through metal nails. I am mad enough to chew nails! Who took my checkbook? Her sudden tirade made him angry enough to chew nails. He stomped in, mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets.
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wax angry

 and wax wroth
Fig. to speak in anger and with indignity. Seeing the damage done by the careless children caused the preacher to wax wroth at their parents.
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angry young man

a young man who feels and expresses anger at the conventional values of the society around him.
Originally, this term referred to a member of a group of socially conscious writers in Britain in the 1950s, in particular the playwright John Osborne. The phrase, the title of a book ( 1951 ) by Leslie Paul , was used of Osborne in the publicity material for his play Look Back in Anger ( 1956 ), in which the characteristic views of the angry young men were articulated by the anti-hero Jimmy Porter .
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In a ranking of 100 cities, with 100th being the angriest, Manchester came in 59th, not quite as hotheaded as its baked-bean-loving neighbor to the south, which ranked 81st.
The angriest, meanest ass-kicking letters we get from the public every week.
Coyne, who writes a column in the Southam newspaper chain, also criticized the notion that "whoever is angriest wins.
Reed may be the angriest brother on the left, but he has a very sensitive radar for political cant.
The woman who was angriest with me," Aarons recalled, "was a woman who complained that I would make it more difficult for her to get restaurant reservations.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Tripoli 9 Ranch 10 Totem 11 Vicious 12 Tor 13 Angriest 16 Mandolin 17 Doh 19 Habitat 21 Value 22 Amigo 23 Revenge DOWN: 1 Statute 2 Listeria 3 Roam 4 Fraction 5 Info 6 Chase 8 Invigilator 13 Audition 14 Sidelong 15 Thieves 18 Cheat 20 Brio 21 Viva QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Shepherdess 8 Ali 9 Nut 11 Manhunt 12 Aroma 13 Apt 14 Bob 15 Winched 17 Elk 19 Airy 21 Echo 23 Damn 25 Soya 27 Kit 29 Rosette 31 Inn 34 Hen 36 Faint 37 Beehive 38 Tin 39 Fed 40 Leopard-skin DOWN: 1 Slap 2 Hint 3 Prudish 4 Entice 5 Drake 6 Snob 7 Sumo 8 Amaze 10 Tabby 16 Dam 18 Key 20 Ink 22 Car 24 Actress 2 5 Swift 26 Member 28 Toned 30 On tap 32 Nail 33 Nine 34 Hi-fi 35 Even 5 Swift
A 'STRAIGHT talking' Midlands MP is one of Britain's angriest on Twitter, according to a study by language experts.
In the red corner is Alun Wyn Jones, self-styled bad man of the Wales pack and once dubbed the angriest man in Welsh rugby.
Singer Rou Reynolds can't wait to perform the new material live on stage: "We pushed ourselves vocally with some of the rawest angriest vocals we've ever done as well as some of the most dulcet and delicate," he said.
Williams stars in the CBS series "The Crazy Ones" and the film "The Angriest Man in Brooklyn," which was released in May.
Williams stars in the CBS series ''The Crazy Ones'' and the film ''The Angriest Man in Brooklyn,'' which was released in May.
Bronagh, the angriest of the bunch - played by Sinead Keenan - is inconsolable because she's taking antibiotics and can't drink alcohol.
While some of the ads had been shared on Israeli social media over the past few weeks, the more noteworthy-and controversial-spots were new, and might just be the angriest and most hateful campaign ads to have ever been broadcast in this country.
Films shooting or just wrapping production in New York include "The Wolf of Wall Street," "Winter's Tale" and "The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.