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The same is true to a somewhat lesser extent with longer-barrel XD and XD(M) pistols, since at certain angles off "straight in" they can still be pushed out of battery.
Jamie is a very physical player who hits good lines, and from my perspective that makes him a great inside-centre because I can run angles off him.
The Frenchman found a consistent rhythm on serve and used his superior agility to open the court and strike sensational angles off both wings.
He consistently pushed Gasquet out of the court, and superbly closed the angles off at the net, completely shutting out a route for the Frenchman.
He also applied the theory of "bringing just one more back," which he did with diving retrieves of Bastidas' kills and sharp angles off the court.
It's great when you are going forward and boys are running great angles off you - it's the easiest position in the world, then.
It is the best spot in the world when things are going forward and you have loads of people running angles off you.
His ability to kick points from the tightest of angles off either foot is astonishing at times.
His incisive running - often on unstoppable angles off the wing - and blistering pace are capable of tearing apart the best of defences.
The mighty Russian had no answer to Kuerten's tracer-like groundstrokes and deceptively powerful serving as the Brazilian found ever-more acute angles off the ground to record his first victory over a top ten player this year.
Fourth-generation missiles, such as the R-73 and Rafael Python-4, brought the ability to acquire and fire at targets at large angles off the longitudinal axis of the launch aircraft, using a helmet-mounted sight to cue the weapon seeker.
This influence is primarily a function of scan loss (reduced performance at angles off boresight), which is not a significant factor in more limited-scan, parabolic-reflector antenna systems.
With proper angles off the LOS, a WR can ensure proper positioning for the breakdown position and the block.