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angle for (something)

To plan or scheme to get or achieve something; to try to get something in an indirect or roundabout way. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) We've been angling for a contract with a major development company from the Middle East for the last few months. What exactly are you angling for? If it's a pay raise, you can just forget about it.
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angle for something

1. Lit. to fish for something, as with a fishhook and line. Fred was angling for a big bass. lam angling for whatever I can catch.
2. Fig. to scheme or plan to get something; to "fish" for something. She is just angling for a larger settlement from her former employer. Are you angling for a raise in pay?
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As the flight time graphs show that it increases with the throw angle for both spin and spin (in Figure 4 we have illustrated the graph tf ([alpha]) for the case without spin), we can say that this second factor affects the probability of enrolling against the first factor (makes the probability decrease with the increase of the throw angle).
40 m / s, [omega] = 0 rad / s, [alpha] = 42[degrees] - encompasses the minimum throw angle for which the ball can enter the basket, representative for small angles for which it is difficult to enroll due to the low angle of entry (tf = 0.
With an improved geometry approaching 4[pi] solid angle for proton detection we expect to improve the observed rate of electron-proton coincidence detection by two orders of magnitude [9].
It is important to notice that the angle for the vernier in Figure 7-40 was turned in a counterclockwise (ccw) direction.
angle for three gloss levels on a basic sandblast texture.
angle for the master, a rejected first submission, and the approved submission.
The latitude and departure method uses the bearing of the side as the angle for the hypotenuse.
The opposite angle for line B:C is the bearing of line A:B, 59.
It shows the calculated fraction of the maximum flow rate over the rotor wing per unit length, as a function of rotor wing helix angle for a fixed rotor speed, wing length, lead angle and land width.
The high approach angle for the distributive wing is expected to yield a smaller pool size, reduced pressure generation and higher axial material flow.
Good pitchers establish a consistent arm angle for their fastball, curve (slider), and change-up to prevent the batters from reading the pitch by its angle of release.
Under the assumption that this cannot be achieved for most applications, the correct measurements are those obtained on the virgin or initial field sweep with the specimen held at a fixed angle for the entire curve.
But the changes will not violate the basic idea of giving the most skilled player priority over the lesser-skilled player and the player with the best angle for the ball the priority over the player with the poorer angle.
Unlike most receivers, the WR must keep his inside leg back in order to get a better angle for his inside-out leverage blocking (described later on).