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Experts from the fields of anger management, domestic violence and crisis intervention will share their cutting-edge data and insight into recent dramatic cultural shifts.
On the occasion, Psychologist Munaza Manzoor Butt told the participants about various causes of anger, how it affects temper and how it affects the performance of police personnel.
After telling the Ephesian believers not to live as nonbelievers do (Ephesians 4:17), Paul offers some timely advice on anger management.
These thought-provoking vignettes are designed to expose the reader to the destructive effect of anger and to set them on the path to exchange anger for patience and to experience the compassion of Christ leading to a life of peace.
Indore: Being anger is human nature; when something goes against our will or wish our mind get excited converting feelings into anger.
I reject both views and instead defend the idea that anger can
Anger logs and other exercises, together with stories of people who were challenged by anger and able to overcome their outbursts, allow readers to explore the source of their anger and recognize its destructive potential.
Dr Saliha Afridi replies : Allen, it is important to know that anger is not a bad emotion - it is what we choose to do with our anger that can be constructive or destructive.
Anger needs an outlet or it builds up like pressure in a pressure cooker.
In my practice I find that anger is the feeling state most people want to deny, avoid, or override--and with good reason.
He said: "Al-Khattabi said: The meaning of the phrase 'Do not get angry' is to avoid the things that cause anger and do not expose yourself to that which provokes it.
Hwa-byung (HB; see model in Figure 1 developed by Choi, Pang, & Kim, 2006) is a Korean culture-bound syndrome that translates into English as an anger disorder.
The Expert Panel on Youth Violence in The Early Warning Timely Response Guide for Safe Schools suggests that intense anger is a sign that should be observed in children, and this anger may be evidenced in violent behavior (Puskar, Grabiak, & Bernardo, 2009).
According to Patterson and Hastings (2007) anger is a prevalent response of adolescence to the stresses related to their obligations and responsibilities at home, school, and society.
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