and whatnot

and whatnot

Along with other things of a similar kind; and so forth. The shop has all the basics—bread, milk, eggs, and whatnot—but nothing too fancy. I mean, I enjoy listening to music and whatnot, but I'm not an aficionado or anything. Nothing much in the mail today, just some bills, advertisements, and whatnot.
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and what not

and other similar things. informal
1992 Nalinaksha Bhattacharya Hem & Football Has anyone ever seen such a selfish daughter? Gorging herself on eggs, milk and what not while others in the house don't even get two square meals?
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and ˈwhat not


and what ˈhave you

(informal) and other similar things: The store sells nails, screws, hammers and what not.
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References in classic literature ?
She's all the time sending messages to BB, and to soldiers and Injuns and whatnot, and to the animals."
'There's some frustration and whatnot but I think we're all still bonding together.
I would have had no problem reading it and I've no problem now reading criticism or reading good things, bad things and whatnot.
Everybody has perceptions about me, I shouldn't look at social media and whatnot but naturally you do, and if you're going through you see things.
Dhaka Regency Hotel and Resort is celebrating diversity by extending its buffet dinner at the hotel's all-day dining outlet Grandiose Restaurant with a special Sharodiya Corner on the occasion of Durga Puja The extended section will offer a host of scrumptious cuisines featuring cross-border culinary cultures surrounding Sharodiya Utshab in Bangladesh and West Bengal, such as stuffed potato, 'vegetable labra', 'shorshe aloo potol,' 'pepe narkel ghonto,' 'aloor dom,' 'koraishutir kochuri,' 'teeler naaru,' 'narkeler naaru,' and whatnot. The offer is available from October 18-20 each evening, says a press release.
All of the other dogs -- the Huskies, the German shepherds and whatnot -- are cherry-picked out before any one else has a chance to look at them and adopt them."
The one-roof fashion store houses the finest quality of home textiles, apparel for men, women and children as well as accessories from shoes to bags, belts and whatnot.
"What that means when it comes to the competition among shoe brands and universities and the whole grassroots system and whatnot 6 he's entitled to that opinion obviously.
Summary: The Syrian regime has already mastered brutality with innovations like mass killings using barrel bombs and whatnot, but it is now venturing into "weaponizing" language to serve its needs, introducing terms such as "regime of calm," which in fact is a 72-hour break for its pilots and jets to rearm and continue their onslaught, and is exactly what happened on the heels of Thursday's massacre at a hospital in Aleppo.
KUWAIT, Oct 10 (KUNA) -- The new electronic media law will not apply to social media involving Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and whatnot, a senior media official said here on Saturday.
Many Brits made their money running estates, plantations and whatnot all over the Empire and then might come back to Blighty to live.
According to Laha Magazine, she's seen that it's best to bring out new material when the Arab world is done fussing over the World Cup and whatnot! Good move!
The second feature from writer-director Ric Klass (his first in 22 years) traces a rudderless, suicidal youth's unconvincing road to recovery via an awkward mix of farce, drama, romance and whatnot. Best looked at as an attempted screwball comedy, the pic faces long odds as it launches theatrically Oct.
Anyhoo, I remember you banned him and whatnot (I know Chop, and it doesn't surprise me one bit), but you should do an interview or something with him just to get his side of the story.