and whatnot

and whatnot

Along with other things of a similar kind; all the rest; and so forth; et cetera. I'm just popping down to the shop for a few basics: bread, milk, and whatnot. I mean, I enjoy listening to music and whatnot, but I'm not an aficionado or anything.
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and what not

and other similar things. informal
1992 Nalinaksha Bhattacharya Hem & Football Has anyone ever seen such a selfish daughter? Gorging herself on eggs, milk and what not while others in the house don't even get two square meals?
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and ˈwhat not


and what ˈhave you

(informal) and other similar things: The store sells nails, screws, hammers and what not.
See also: and, not, what
References in classic literature ?
She's all the time sending messages to BB, and to soldiers and Injuns and whatnot, and to the animals.
The one-roof fashion store houses the finest quality of home textiles, apparel for men, women and children as well as accessories from shoes to bags, belts and whatnot.
I just want her to walk back through that front door and start giving me mither again and talking about boys and whatnot.
Summary: The Syrian regime has already mastered brutality with innovations like mass killings using barrel bombs and whatnot, but it is now venturing into "weaponizing" language to serve its needs, introducing terms such as "regime of calm," which in fact is a 72-hour break for its pilots and jets to rearm and continue their onslaught, and is exactly what happened on the heels of Thursday's massacre at a hospital in Aleppo.
Anyhoo, I remember you banned him and whatnot (I know Chop, and it doesn't surprise me one bit), but you should do an interview or something with him just to get his side of the story.
Alhomayed added that if Iran was truly genuine in wanting to help the Arabs in general and the Lebanese in particular against Israel, it would have ordered its proxy force Hizbullah to keep away from trouble and stop attacking the Jewish state with missiles and whatnot.
It appears to be that a lot of expats lack morals, and are full of ignorance when it comes down to UAECOs moral codes and whatnot.
Things are a bit more complicated around here, what with a Congress, and the press, and laws and whatnot.
The Ditty Bops meld ragtime, music hall, folk, and whatnot into an easygoing, toe-tapping concoction with intriguing lyrical twists.
With league tables and whatnot, that is understandable.
Bush is the regular Joe, just like you 'n' me, bringing common sense and whatnot to Washington.
For example, he says that there is the possibility that something is actually "made right"--all of the sequences and torques and whatnot have been applied--but that there has been a revision to the specification that didn't make it out to the floor.
Just shrugging off the shoulder harness saves you unthreading holster, magazine pouch, and whatnot off one belt and re-assembling them later on a dry pair of pants.
Things happen to schedules that are not in the control of your contractor - building delays, client generated changes, availability of special materials and whatnot.