and things

and things (like that)

A phrase used to indicate nonspecific things that are similar or somehow related to those being listed or discussed. Oh, I've just been working and things—nothing too exciting. I like running, hiking, cycling, and things like that—all kinds of outdoorsy stuff. Don't worry, I'll do the wash, the vacuuming, and things like that over the weekend.
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and ˈthings (like ˈthat)

(spoken, informal) used when you do not want to complete a list: She likes nice clothes and things like that.I’ve been busy shopping and things.
See also: and, thing
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References in classic literature ?
it isn't three weeks ago I first set eyes on 'im, and then 'e was smart and set up--'ands full of 'air-brushes and things, and swearin' at me.
Jest a mess of blood and boots and things! Jest an 'orrid splash!
"When I'm a man, I shall make a boat with a wooden house on the top of it, like Noah's ark, and keep plenty to eat in it,--rabbits and things,--all ready.