and the rest

and the rest

1. A phrase used to indicate nonspecific things that are similar or somehow related to those being listed or discussed. In this usage, the phrase can be extended to "and the rest of it." I need to find a stylist to do our hair and makeup and the rest on the day of the wedding.
2. A phrase used to emphasize that an amount is really higher than the one just mentioned or higher than someone else thinks. A: "I'm confident that we can get tickets for only $50." B: "And the rest."
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and (all) the ˈrest (of it)

(spoken) used at the end of a list to mean everything else that you might expect to be on the list: After I’ve paid the rent, I’m left with only €40 a week to pay for food, clothes, travelling and all the rest of it.
See also: and, rest

and the ˈrest

(spoken) used to say that the actual amount or number of something is much higher than somebody has stated: ‘We’ve run up a cost of £250 ...’ ‘And the rest, and the rest!’
See also: and, rest
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It was weird that John and the rest of the actors, including Fionn Walton who was in 'What Richard Did', knew me from the UFC.
However, it's not always hardened crooks who get in trouble with officers, but also average citizens who are causing a hazard to themselves and the rest of the public without even realising it.
Rogan and the rest of the bus passengers listened intently as the tale of woe deepened.
(Of the rest, 25 percent goes to a Kuwaiti compensation fund, and the rest covers U.N.