and that

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and (all) that

A phrase used to indicate nonspecific things that are similar or somehow related to that which is being discussed. I need to find a stylist to do our hair and makeup and all that on the day of the wedding.
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and (all) ˈthat

(British English, informal) and that sort of thing; and all the other things: My brother’s got a farm, with chickens, cows, pigs and all that.Her paintings are well done and all that, but I find them rather boring.
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De La Hoya said he could spar 10 rounds today if he had to, and that injuries he is battling -- particulary to his left rotator cuff -- have nothing to do with the delay in his decision.
In theory anything and everything that is used or done in a nursing home, and anybody who does it, can have a bar code, and that information can be incorporated into the facility's overall management software, whether on a centrally located computer or a satellite network station.
The only problem is they (the government) are going to put exclusions in, and that could really hurt the whole concept," he says.
I got a lot of juice and that fight ain't going to happen,'' Floyd Sr.
But when they scored on their first drive we went back to what we usually do and that worked much better.
However, mechanics have been an issue for Ashby all season, and that has been compounded by a blister that turned into an infection and impacted his side work.
Elliott said he specifically sought fish for SARL that could become a state record, and that Lassen owner Phil Mackey told him the 24.
conceded that nicotine is addictive, that smoking causes cancer and lung disease and that the tobacco industry deliberately markets its products to minors.
In a statement, the Clinton campaign complained that Dole voted against Clinton's expansion of the safe and drug-free schools program in 1994 and that the Republican Congress had cut the president's overall drug-fighting budget for this year.