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Levi-Strauss gives such readings of single stories while presenting his megamythology, so I fault him only for overlooking his native colleagues, or rivals, the formers of multi-story oral books of ancientness.
Like every other pensioner, his phone was given to him five years ago by someone who was embarrassed at its ancientness.
And, however fascinating it may be to debate the claims to primacy of Oxford and Bologna (both eclipsed in ancientness, of course, by Al-Ahzar, Nalanda, and Taxila), looking for a point of historical origin tends likewise to obscure the sense of urgency that should attend any statement of a university's role, particularly at a time when--at least in Britain--it is under such threat.
Not only was judicial torture therefore useful, it could also be justified by the ancientness and universality of its use.
Equally, while the sense of ancientness is perhaps an aspect of every empire's claim to legitimacy, the balance between past and present shifts when decline sets in.
The ancientness of the historical period under investigation lends itself to a material focus, based on trade and regional/local consumption patterns.
For example, France's history has been neatly encapsulated by Tony Judt, who stresses "the sheer ancientness and unbroken continuity of France and the French state .
He has earned his vision of transcendent unity by becoming literally one with the land, part of what is now always meant by "Australia": "And me all that while lying quiet in the heart of the country, slowly sinking into the ancientness of it, making it mine, grain by grain blending my white grains with its many black ones" (130).
In the midst of legal precedents, he also invokes the biblical son of Noah and the mythological centaur Nessus (whose bloody tunic adhered to Hercules, setting his skin on fire and killing him) to demonstrate the ancientness and permanence of blackness (set in contrast to the purity of legislation).
Ancientness of family did play a role in a few relatively insignificant cases, but on the whole robe and sword, or old and new, as fundamental distinctions simply did not exist.
beguiling atmosphere of ancientness, quite different from the somewhat faceless modern suburbs to the west.
There's areas of the Welsh countryside that are reminiscent of New Zealand, especially in the South Island of New Zealand that look like Wales with the hills and coastline, there's an ancientness about the countryside there that is a bit more raw here.
I had arrived at some deep, palpable ancientness, the womb of the world, where virtually everything was and will be created.
To ancientness, to caprice, to that seething past of no