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slang A sailor. The bar was packed with old anchor-clankers sharing stories of their adventures from around the world.

at anchor

The state a ship is in when it has dropped its anchor. We're going to stay at anchor for a few days so we can really enjoy the beach. Men, the ship is at anchor, so it's time to move out!
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boat anchor

Something related to computing and technology that is regarded as cumbersome and ineffectual, often obsolete. What are we going to do with a computer running Windows 95? Get that boat anchor out of here!
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bring (one's) arse to an anchor

To be seated and still, likened to a ship being moored in place by an anchor. Primarily heard in UK. Kids! Quit running around and bring your arse to an anchor!
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bring (one's) ass to an anchor

To be seated and still, likened to a ship being moored in place by an anchor. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Kids! Quit running around and bring your ass to an anchor!
See also: anchor, ass, bring, to

drop anchor

To let down the anchor to secure a ship. We've been sailing all day, and here seems like a good enough spot to drop anchor, don't you think?
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lie at anchor

Of a ship, to remain anchored in wait. We must lie at anchor until this storm passes by. We have a ship lying at anchor the moment you are ready to depart.
See also: anchor, lie

swallow the anchor

To retire from life at sea. After so many years sailing the seas, I knew it was time for me to swallow the anchor and adopt a more normal lifestyle on land.
See also: anchor, swallow

weigh anchor

To hoist the anchor so that a ship can sail. Weigh anchor, boys—we're going home!
See also: anchor, weigh
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lie at anchor

[for a ship] to wait or rest at anchor. The ship lay at anchor throughout the day while a shore party searched for the runaway. We lay at anchor overnight, waiting for the tide.
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weigh ˈanchor

(of a ship and its passengers) leave a place: We weighed anchor in the afternoon and started for the Philippines.
This means ‘to lift the anchor out of the water’ before sailing away.
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n. a sailor. (Army.) How can you anchor-clankers stand being cooped up on those cans?

boat anchor

n. a useless computer; anything heavy and useless. Why don’t you replace that boat anchor with a new model?
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