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bring (one's) arse to an anchor

To be seated and still, likened to a ship being moored in place by an anchor. Primarily heard in UK. Kids! Quit running around and bring your arse to an anchor!
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bring (one's) ass to an anchor

To be seated and still, likened to a ship being moored in place by an anchor. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Kids! Quit running around and bring your ass to an anchor!
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at anchor

The state a ship is in when it has dropped its anchor. We're going to stay at anchor for a few days so we can really enjoy the beach. Men, the ship is at anchor, so it's time to move out!
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drop anchor

To let down the anchor to secure a ship. We've been sailing all day, and here seems like a good enough spot to drop anchor, don't you think?
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swallow the anchor

To retire from life at sea. After so many years sailing the seas, I knew it was time for me to swallow the anchor and adopt a more normal lifestyle on land.
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weigh anchor

To hoist the anchor so that a ship can sail. Weigh anchor, boys—we're going home!
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slang A sailor. The bar was packed with old anchor-clankers who'd traveled all across the world, sharing stories of their adventures.

boat anchor

Something related to computing and technology that is regarded as cumbersome and ineffectual, often obsolete. What are we going to do with a computer running Windows 95? Get that boat anchor out of here!
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lie at anchor

Of a ship, to remain anchored in wait. We must lie at anchor until this storm passes by. We have a ship lying at anchor the moment you are ready to depart.
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lie at anchor

[for a ship] to wait or rest at anchor. The ship lay at anchor throughout the day while a shore party searched for the runaway. We lay at anchor overnight, waiting for the tide.
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weigh ˈanchor

(of a ship and its passengers) leave a place: We weighed anchor in the afternoon and started for the Philippines.
This means ‘to lift the anchor out of the water’ before sailing away.
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n. a sailor. (Army.) How can you anchor-clankers stand being cooped up on those cans?

boat anchor

n. a useless computer; anything heavy and useless. Why don’t you replace that boat anchor with a new model?
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The job called for the screw anchor sets to permanently stabilize the pipeline in its new location.
With the anchor ball you've got your ball ring that you run underneath, and some people just clip it under, but I'll just twist the clasps of the clip to give a much more reinforced connection on the line.
This keeps the bow of the boat pointed toward the anchor, which ensures that your anchor, chain and rope stay straight and don't tangle.
The results of the various tests, with the results converted to average holding power force per kilogram of anchor weight, are provided below.
The bolt, hollow wall anchor is installed separately from the fixture, permitting the fixture to be removed without dislodging the anchor.
John Veyette, president of the Anchor Bar Franchise, LLC, is enthusiastic about the restaurant concepts and building a relationship with CBRE.
Lake says the idea behind selecting the anchor tenants was to attract large reputable international companies inclined to do a substantial amount of business in the mining industry or in the Sudbury area.
to evaluate mechanically (Komi, 1990) the failure strength of the combination of standard surgical suture with each of four commonly used bone anchors as a function of anchor design, suture pull angle, and anchor eyelet rotational orientation; 2.
When the current flowed south to north, it swept supercooled water under the shelf, spawning production of anchor ice.
The DEUS anchor offering will now include removable anchors, beam anchors, and swivel anchors, in addition to the DEUS Rope-Over-Wire (ROW) anchor connectors.