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What elements of a news anchor's job can the AI currently do?
'As a result, Anchor Land has been able to establish virtual strongholds in several up and coming markets where it either pioneered new developments or helped revive old business districts that other industry players chose to ignore,' the company said in a disclosure to the local bourse earlier this month.
Quality Industries will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Anchor Partners.
Chasing, Anchor Marine scored the runs in the last over, with Rizwan scoring an unbeaten 30 and Ilyas remaining not out on 17.
The new AI anchors, launched by Xinhua and Beijing-based search engine operator Sogou during the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, can deliver the news with "the same effect" as human anchors because the machine learning program is able to synthesise realistic-looking speech, lip movements and facial expressions, according to a Xinhua news report.
Chief Executive Officer of Anchor Jerry Shaw said, "We are pleased to move forward toward completion of the merger with FS Bancorp.
It is also a chance to see the amazing conservation work by Will Murray, of The Scottish Conservation Studio, which has ensured the Priestside Anchor will be preserved for decades.
Anchor's experience, relationships and proprietary Fintech platform continue to set the firm apart from other lenders in its ability to rapidly evaluate, underwrite and fund loans, usually in as few as 3-10 business days.
In TV news presentation, objectification is the tendency to view or treat a news anchors worth on the basis of their appearance or sexuality.
According to the EEOC's lawsuit, Anchor Staffing placed its employee Sara Magana on a temporary assignment, and on her first day working at the job location, she was sexually harassed by another Anchor Staffing employee who made intimidating comments and attempted to hug and kiss her.
Hailing from the rich greeneries of New Zealand, Anchor is part of the Fonterra group, a global cooperative owned by 10,500 farming families.
Steve Li, chief executive officer of Anchor Land, said the company continues to enjoy strong demand from its niche markets.
Through this transaction, Anchor's management team reassumed majority ownership and control of their firm.
Embracing this commitment, often called an "anchor mission," they continually (though diversely) activate institutional assets with an eye toward the effects on their region or community.
Announcing the findings of the central bank during a news conference on Friday, Punjab government spokesman Malik Mohammad Ahmed Khan said allegations regarding the primary accused by a television anchor were "fake and fabricated" and were issued without any consideration of the consequences.