an open letter

open letter

A letter addressed to a specific, usually prominent person and published for anyone to read. It is often done as an act of protest. If you're so unhappy with our mayor, why don't you write an open letter?
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an ˌopen ˈletter

a letter containing a protest, piece of advice, etc. to a well-known person, which is published in a newspaper: In an open letter to the Prime Minister, six well-known authors attacked the government’s policy on the arts.
See also: letter, open
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References in classic literature ?
He looked rather serious, and held an open letter in his hand.
He had his little letter-tray in his hand, with a card on it, and a sheet of paper beside the card, which looked like an open letter.
Tulliver's own wagoner found him lying by the roadside insensible, with an open letter near him, and his gray horse snuffing uneasily about him.
--least natural of all that the Vice-Warden and 'my Lady' should be standing close beside me, discussing an open letter, which had just been handed to him by the Professor, who stood, meekly waiting, a few yards off.
An open letter is the subject of the trooper's speculations, and it seems to perplex him mightily.
Hurrying headlong down the stairs with but one clear idea in his mind--the idea of instantly following his wife--Arnold encountered Sir Patrick, standing by a table in the hall, on which cards and notes left by visitors were usually placed, with an open letter in his hand.
When I entered the room where he was I found him with an open letter in his hand, which, before I could utter a word, he gave me, saying,
In his hands was an envelope and an open letter. As Peter Winn's secretary it was his task to weed out, sort, and classify his employer's mail.
I did so; whereupon she rose, approached the table, and laid upon it an open letter.
One of them was carrying an open letter from a young English artisan, who had been in New York a fortnight, to a friend near Manchester, whom he strongly urged to follow him.
"Let General Webb be his own interpreter," returned the politic Montcalm, suddenly extending an open letter toward Munro as he spoke; "you will there learn, monsieur, that his movements are not likely to prove embarrassing to my army."
Marrable portentously approached the stage, with an open letter in her hand.
When the doubt and confusion were at their worst, Vail wrote an open letter to his stock-holders, in his practical, farmer-like way.
When the Louisiana State Constitutional Convention was in session, I wrote an open letter to that body pleading for justice for the race.
Dame Barbara Windsor has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to "sort out" dementia care as she prepares to make a rare public appearance - delivering an open letter to 10 Downing Street.