an old maid

old maid

1. dated A disparaging term for an older, unmarried woman. She had a few suitors in her youth, but now Edna is an old maid. My parents are pressuring me to get married—they don't want any of their daughters to become an old maid.
2. A fussy, prudish person. You better make sure the place settings are perfect, what with the old maid coming to dinner tonight.
3. A card game in which players pair matching cards and try to avoid being the last one holding the only card with no mate, dubbed the "old maid." When my kids were little, they loved playing old maid.
See also: maid, old

an old ˈmaid

(old-fashioned, disapproving) a woman who has never married and is now no longer young
See also: maid, old
References in classic literature ?
But then, to be an old maid at last, like Miss Bates
I cannot see why she must be always running down the men, even if she is an old maid.
Mother is not an old maid," said his virgin sister with pinched lips.
The younger girls formed hopes of COMING OUT a year or two sooner than they might otherwise have done; and the boys were relieved from their apprehension of Charlotte's dying an old maid.
I mean that she is not to die an old maid if I can help it," was the answer.
Perhaps an old maid doesn't know much about bringing up a child, but I guess she knows more than an old bachelor.
This is certainly the heart of an old maid," thought he.
Who shall I have to work for when father's gone, if you are to go and take notions in your head and be an old maid, because some folks are no better than they should be?
During her papa's life, then, she resigned herself to the manner of existence here described, and was content to be an old maid.
She was prepared to sacrifice her natural desire for youth, beauty, and virtue in a husband if she could escape from her parents on no easier terms, but she was resolved to die an old maid sooner than marry an upstart.
If I am ugly nobody will ever want to marry me, and," concluded Sara candidly, "I don't want to be an old maid.
Charlotte, under the guise of a reoccurrence of her well-known lung illness, hides the pregnancy and goes South to have Tina; she then puts her child in a New York orphanage so that she can care for her while pretending to be an old maid making charitable visits.
Laetitia, her maid, rapturously sung by soprano Janel Snider, lets her fear of becoming an old maid like her mistress influence the ingenuous Bob (the thief) into escaping with her rather than be falsely accused of crimes committed by Miss Todd to capture him as her lover.
I'm an old maid of 33, and have been in the property-casualty business for 10 years.
Here lies Ann Mann Who lived an old maid But died an old Mann.