an old fogey/fogy

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old fogy

An older person, especially one whose views or attitudes are considered boring or old-fashioned. Ah, don't mind that old fogy. He's just cantankerous because he isn't up to speed with the way of today's youth. I've fully embraced that I'm going to be a stodgy old fogy when I get older.
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an old ˈfogey/ˈfogy

(usually disapproving) (usually of an older person) a person with very old-fashioned or traditional views, opinions, etc: I’m not such an old fogey that I can’t remember what it was like to be a student.
A young person with old-fashioned views, style of dress, etc. is sometimes called a ‘young fogey’: He’s one of the young fogies who write for the ‘Spectator’.
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old fogey

n. an old-fashioned person; an old man. My uncle is an old fogey. He must be the most old-fashioned man in the world.
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I may be accused of being an old fogey from another time, but I can remember back in the 1950s and part of the 60s when I used to go to Villa and Blues games with mates who were fans of both teams and we stood together at the game.
Call me an old fogey but it just wasn't Strictly enough for me.
You're young, so I understand why you don't want to hear an old fogey like me telling you that there are so many more important things in life than worrying about what you look like on Instagram but it's true.
I mean, I hate to sound like an old fogey, but these kids don't know what they're missing nowadays because we got to sing and dance for our supper, you know what I mean, and we love to do that,'' Joey McIntyre, 42, said in an interview Tuesday.
That''s tremendous for an old fogey like me." He was 78 at the time.
Do you have to be an old fogey to appreciate that Sean and Paddy operated in an era when men were men?
Stephen Fry: Gadget Man (C4, 8.30pm) He may look like an old fogey but actually he's got a passion for technology.
"Sadly the greatest threats to our free society are too often from enemies within" - Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch, calling for "the fierce protection of a free press and light-touch media regulation.'' "You know you are an old fogey when you try to open a car park barrier with a dry-cleaning ticket" - Former model Jilly Johnson, now 58.
Nadir's wife, Nur "You know you are an old fogey when you try to open a car park barrier with a dry-cleaning ticket."
"The players are even putting Sinatra songs on in the dressing room, which shows what an old fogey I am."
This does not make me an old fogey. Being someone who still prefers the Allman Brothers Band to Snoop Dogg or Nine Inch Nails makes me an old fogey.
The young radical had become an old fogey, at least in the eyes of his successors.
THIS may translate as the cranky mumblings of an old fogey swathed in twirled tweed but, pray tell -if you'll pardon the obvious alle gory -what is afoot up at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King?
He said: "I don't refuse to get e-mail because I'm an old fogey who doesn't know how to use it.