an old bat

old bat

A foolish or irritating old person. Ugh, what is that old bat complaining about today?
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an ˌold ˈbat

(British English, informal, disapproving) a silly or annoying old person: She never hears what I’m saying to her — the silly old bat.
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When it was suggested she had written down her debit card PIN number and anyone could have seen it, she told the court: "I might be 81 and people may think I'm an old bat but I'm not that dull.
"A heavy ball -- the same size as a tennis ball -- makeshift stumps and an old bat transform almost every spare plot of land in Dubai into a meeting place where friends gather to get their cricket fix," he said.
I know as an old bat I should have sympathy for Selina and others such as Dame Joan Bakewell, who accuse TV of dumping them at the first wrinkle, but the only reason Selina et al got their jobs was because they scrubbed up well.
Elsewhere, the girls are packed off to finishing school to pick up some style tips from an old bat whose entire world must have crumbled with the demise of the twin-set.
In scenes a bit like kids in a school playground at playtime, a number of City's players have been gathering in the gym for a knock-up with an old bat and tennis ball in their lunch hour.
After the pitchers have stretched and warmed up, they will take an old bat and balance it, barrel down, on home plate, preferably on the corners!
THIS is Tony Shillinglaw holding an old bat kept locked away in a cupboard in the pavilion at Blackheath Bowling Club,New South Wales.
I TOTALLY agree with Ms E Braddick (Viewpoints, August 31, 2001) when she demands an apology from Dan O'Neill for his article in which he described the former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, as "an old bat".
She looks so beautiful in this picture and I look so awful in comparison I an old bat! When I stayed at the White House, Hillary put me up in the Lincoln Suite.
In a bid to show him the error of his violent ways, the village shaman - an old bat called Tanana - turns Kenai into a bear.