an odd/a queer fish

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odd fish

Someone deemed strange by others. No, I didn't invite Joey—he's an odd fish, if you ask me. You can't say weird stuff like that, unless you want everyone else to think you're an odd fish.
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queer fish

Someone who is very strange. Primarily heard in UK. Everyone could tell he was a queer fish as soon as he walked into the party with his mismatched clothing.
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an ˌodd/a ˌqueer ˈfish

(old-fashioned, British English) a strange person: He’s an odd fish. He’s got a lot of very strange ideas.
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queer fish

n. a strange person; an aloof person. She’s a bit odd. Sort of a queer fish.
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References in classic literature ?
Steerforth, dismissing the subject with a light nod, and a smile, and the remark that he would be glad to see the old fellow too, for he had always been an odd fish, inquired if I could give him anything to eat?
ISLAMABAD -- An odd fish with human-like teeth , which was caught by a school teacher, has left villagers astonished in Indonesia's West Papua region, a British newspaper reported.
Again neither the couple - or, Richard says, anyone on the show - had any idea Talbot, who he describes as "an odd fish, and socially awkward", had such a dark past.
when he denied it, I believed him RICHARD MADELEY ON SHAMED HOST STUART HALL "Weatherman Fred Talbot was an odd fish and socially awkward RICHARD ON TV'S FRED WHO ABUSED BOYS AS TEACHER "He was known to be a real s*** and I was glad to hear that he was found out RICHARD ON TRUTH EMERGING ABOUT SIR CLEMENT FREUD
I have heard of an odd fish off the Coquet with one of more than 2lb reported from the Northumbrian Anglers Federation waters on the Coquet.
Dressed in black and happiest when buried in a book, Emily feels like an odd fish. But she's effectively drawn out by Mr.
On December 25, 1938, a trawler fishing off South Africa brought up an odd fish about 5 feet long.
I've fished beautiful rivers running through magnificent scenery and still had a wonderful time knowing I might just have the chance of an odd fish.
AGADIR has the largest sardine fleet in the world, but the town itself is a bit of an odd fish. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, there is little here to remind you that you're in North Africa.
The Tweed has also gone quiet with just an odd fish caught, and the refrain from anglers is one of a cry for rainfall to bring in further runs of spring fish.
Here was an odd fish, named after South Africa's race track, itself an odd idea.
JOHN McCARROLL is an odd fish, though not as odd a fish as Marillion's singer.