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His huge shoulder heaved and he sent an iron fist smash into Magnus's bland Mongolian visage, laying him on the lawn as flat as a starfish.
The government has threatened to handle the situation with an iron fist. It is necessary to take strict measures against non-taxpayers.
Sexual harassment at workplace is a very serious issue that needs to be dealt with an iron fist and thankfully the Pakistan law allows a woman to raise the voice against the wrong things and sexual harassment happened at the workplace.
Chief of the Naval Staff reiterated that any misadventure by the enemy shall be thwarted with an iron fist.
Summary: Movie will follow Al Capone as the ruthless businessman and bootlegger who ruled Chicago with an iron fist
Once the President proves their involvement, they will be treated with an iron fist," Andanar said in an interview with radio stationdzRB on Saturday.
He is an Iron Fist that has not completely turned his back from his past, with his desires for vindication and belonging as distractions from his duty.
The truth is the assertive McDonnell, an iron fist wearing a newly woven velvet glove, would make a better leader than laid-back Corbyn.
NNA - AL SHARQ AL AWSAT: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques: We will hit with an iron fist anyone who targets our youth He felicitated Muslims on Eid Fitr and confirmed Saudi community works with the state in combating deviant dogmas AL BALAD: Lebanon celebrates Fitr today and condemns Saudi explosions AL ANWAR: UN: Attack on Medina is an attack on Islam AL JOUMHORIYAH: After the Eid...oil, presidency and a special approach towards the displaced AL MOUSTAQBAL: Saudi Monarch calls for protecting youth from fanaticism: We will strike with an iron fist ANNAHAR: Dossiers of security appratuses opened all at once Attacks on patrols and checkpoints in Baalbek R.Z.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Terrorism cannot be solved through politics, it should rather be hit with an iron fist, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in a rare speech on Syrian state television.
There are no orders for anyone to open fire on any citizen," he said, although he insisted said restoring order is the "absolute priority" and that that can only be achieved by hitting "terrorists with an iron fist".
Summary: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has vowed to strike "terrorists" with an iron fist.
SYRIA'S interior ministry has vowed to "strike back with an iron fist" at what it says is a recent "escalation" of anti-Government terror attacks.
DAMASCUS (TAP) - Syrian has vowed to "strike back with an iron fist" after the reporteddeath ofdozens of peopleina blast in the capital, Damascus.
"Anybody who takes up the idea of an attack on Iran, should get ready to receive a strong slap and an iron fist" by the Iranian armed forces, said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.