eye opener

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eye opener

1. An utterly shocking or startling thing, situation, or revelation. Sometimes hyphenated. The former champion's crushing defeat in the first round of the tournament was an eye opener to everyone who had expected her to make it to the finals without resistance. Learning about John's opium addiction was a real eye-opener for me.
2. A strong alcoholic beverage consumed early in the morning or first thing upon waking. Sometimes hyphenated. Primarily heard in US, Canada, South Africa. After going on quite a bender over the weekend, an eye opener was the only thing that could get me moving on Monday morning.
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eye opener, an

1. A startling or shocking revelation, as in The first sentence of his speech was a real eye opener. This expression alludes to widening one's eyes with surprise. [Mid-1800s]
2. A strong alcoholic drink taken early in the morning, as in After a late night and little sleep, he generally needed an eye opener to jolt him awake . This usage alludes to the alleged wakening effect of such a beverage. [Early 1800s]
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1. n. a real surprise. This day has been an eye-opener for me.
2. n. a wake-up drink of liquor; a strong drink any time. He knocked back a quick eye-opener and finished dressing.
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Taylor, 30, one of five players in the starting XI to have played before in the top-flight, said: "It was an eye-opener for a lot of people, for all of us.
Summary: The news report 'Selfies 5 times deadlier than shark attack' is an eye-opener to selfie cravers who take selfies at bizarre points, obliviou...
"The unfortunate Makati incident can also be an eye-opener for voters, as well as candidates," said the former ambassador to the Vatican.
He said: "It was an eye-opener for me because it showed the scrutiny this club is under on a daily and weekly basis.
SCANDAL 'AN EYE-OPENER' PAUL Collingwood says the recent ball-tampering scandal is an 'eye-opener' for the game.
He said that the result is an eye-opener for those who hatching conspiracies against the leadership of PML-N and was optimistic of the landslide victory of the party in the general elections of 2018.
Ganguly said the Chappell incident was an eye-opener for him and made him a better person."The Greg Chappell incident was an eye-opener for me.
Al Fahim said he convinced Khateeb to write his book, adamant that it would be an eye-opener for residents more familiar with modern UAE.
"It's been an eye-opener to see how teams set up in this league and last year we were beating teams 7-0 or 5-0, that's just not going to happen this year.
"It was an eye-opener, but it was a good eye-opener because it's made me stronger and made me realise it's where I want to get back to.''
Liverpool beat the Thailand national team 3-0 two years ago, and midfielder Joe Allen says it was an eye-opener to somebody new to the club.
The report "Zionist savagery in Gaza revealed by Israeli veterans" (May 5) should serve as an eye-opener to those who blindly support the Zionist regime and turns a blind eye to the Israeli atrocities committed against the helpless Palestinians.
Natwar Singh's book as an eye-opener, which has once again highlighted who was actually calling the shots during the UPA Government's ten-year-rule.
"Playing in New Zealand was an eye-opener, but it was also reassuring that there wasn't some special secret they had," said the Wasps back row.
The veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani, Agha Syed Hassan Al-Moosvi Al-Safvi, Mohammad Yasin Malik and Shabbir Ahmad Shah in their separate statements said that the Tuesday's shutdown across Kashmir should serve as an eye-opener for the visiting Indian premier.