keep eye on

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keep (one's)/an eye on (someone or something)

To watch someone or something carefully; to be attentive to someone or something. You need to keep your eye on the soup so that it doesn't bubble over. Sure, I can keep an eye on the baby while you go to the store.
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keep one's eye on someone or something

 and have one's eye on someone or something
Fig. to have one's attention directed to someone or something. Please keep your eye on the children while I go to the store. Bill kept an eye on his expenses because he was spending too much money.
See also: eye, keep, on
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Daily Times, running for owner-breeder Allan Belshaw, is the only filly lining up in this contest, which has been won by the favourite for the past four years, so keep an eye on the market.
Check out ARC's listings at and keep an eye on What's On over the next few weeks for more information.
24, 2011 (CENS) -- With an eye on the lucrative rapid-charging technology, Lite-On Clean Energy Technology , a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Lite-On Technology Corp., recently announced it would invest in Epyon BV(Epyon Power), a leading European supplier of intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs).