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One afternoon in Florida, a 59-year-old career truck driver named Jeff Runions sat alertly in the cab of an eighteen-wheeler watching the road while his 11-ton cargo of stone tile made its way up the Ronald Reagan Turnpike.
"We not only pass the Bechdel test, but run over it and back up over it again and again in an eighteen-wheeler truck," he wrote.
Disappointingly, but understandably, I soon learned that the track's custodians were more than a little wary about the damage that a mistimed turn in an eighteen-wheeler might inflict on their pristine kerbs.
Of particular interest is how several phrases of real-life trucker jargon are seamlessly worked into the otherwise simple story, which is supplemented by a glossary of trucker lingo definitions, such as "Kiddie cars: school buses", "Alligator: Tread from an eighteen-wheeler in the road", "Shiny side up and rubber side down: Be careful!" and so on.
Bangkok-Feb28(BNA) Fifteen people, including thirteen children, were killed and 44 others sustained injuries today when a bus carrying teachers and female students was hit by an eighteen-wheeler truck and crashed into a tree in Thailand.
In the next week or ten days an eighteen-wheeler will back down our two-track.
Then, I was transporting produce across the country in an eighteen-wheeler. I have since retired and see most of the world from the seat of my recreational vehicle.
Fernandez simply places a FreshLoc sensor in the freezer trailer of an eighteen-wheeler outside in the truck yard, and the system picks up the signal, adding the truck to the company's Cold Chain.
People stand and clap." In the body of this poem, Seibles registers his futility: When it comes to my country I'm like a chipmunk snarling at an avalanche, like a dragonfly slamming its sharp beak into the wilding steel of an eighteen-wheeler.
This summer, the second Koolhaas-designed space will open in the Venetian's complex: The Guggenheim Las Vegas, a 63,700-square-foot behemoth reminiscent of an airplane hangar, will feature open, airy galleries, seventy-foot ceilings, and a giant, six-story door wide enough to accommodate an eighteen-wheeler. Details include a "media wall" on which images will be projected and vast mechanical ceiling panels that, rumor has it, may be imprinted with reproductions of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescoes.
Use pattern blocks or paper shapes to make a model of an eighteen-wheeler. Create models of other forms of transportation.
Waits amassed an eighteen-wheeler's worth of weird instruments-calliopes, Balinese metal aunglongs, glass harmonicas, bowed saw, pump organ, accordion, Mellotron, bass boo-bams, brake drums, parade drums, even one he built called a condundrum.