an attack

*an attack

(of an illness) a bout of some sickness; an instance or acute case of some disease. (*Typically: have ~; produce ~; suffer ~.) Mr. Hodder had an attack of stomach upset that forced him to stay at home.
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References in classic literature ?
Hold yourself in readiness in case of an attack, but do not fire without my orders.
Still it was a ghastly sight, and one from which we were glad to escape; indeed, I never remember anything of the kind that affected me more than seeing those gallant soldiers thus put out of pain by the red-handed medicine men, except, indeed, on one occasion when, after an attack, I saw a force of Swazis burying their hopelessly wounded /alive/.
Thus adjured, after taking hasty counsel with Good and Sir Henry, I delivered my opinion briefly to the effect that, being trapped, our best chance, especially in view of the failure of our water supply, was to initiate an attack upon Twala's forces.
A state like this would ever be exposed to the invasions of those who were powerful and inclined to attack it; but, as has been already mentioned, its situation preserves it, as it is free from the inroads of foreigners; and for this reason the family slaves still remain quiet at Crete, while the Helots are perpetually revolting: for the Cretans take no part in foreign affairs, and it is but lately that any foreign troops have made an attack upon the island; and their ravages soon proved the ineffectualness of their laws.
Everything that could possibly give cover to an attack upon the German position at Niagara had been levelled as ruthlessly as machinery and explosives could contrive; houses blown up and burnt, woods burnt, fences and crops destroyed.
The bustle had been considerable, and it was some time before Gurth was missed; for, as he was to be placed for the rest of the journey behind a servant, every one supposed that some other of his companions had him under his custody, and when it began to be whispered among them that Gurth had actually disappeared, they were under such immediate expectation of an attack from the outlaws, that it was not held convenient to pay much attention to the circumstance.
Such were the palpable advantages of this winter encampment; added to which, it was secure from the prowlings and plunderings of any petty band of roving Blackfeet, the difficulties of retreat rendering it unwise for those crafty depredators to venture an attack unless with an overpowering force.
One of the great men of his family had been slain in an attack upon a band of trappers passing through the territories of his tribe.
This chief had bravely fallen in resisting an attack made by the Blackfeet upon his tribe, while encamped at the head of Godin River.
It was a deliberate attack on the mysticism of the Maeterlinck school - an attack from the citadel of positive science upon the wonder-dreamers, but an attack nevertheless that retained much of beauty and wonder of the sort compatible with ascertained fact.
Zero-configuration makes installation much easier and day-zero protection gives me the additional peace of mind that even if an attack hasn't been defined, AirMagnet gives me a chance to identify and prevent it.
In the face of these threats, Universal Detection Technology's (UDTT) (OTCBB:UDTT) BSM-2000, which offers the early detection of a potential anthrax attack, is an effective instrument for deterring a biological attack or, in the case of an attack, minimizing fatalities by providing an early enough detection of the incident.
Financial institutions and e-commerce sites are often targeted for weeks, and even months, by hackers, fraudsters and phishers before they are able to detect an attack," said Jim Maloney, chief security executive of Corillian.
To date, Cyota's AFCC has shut down more than 7,000 spoofed sites in 65 countries, and lowered the typical lifespan of an attack to five hours from an industry average of six days.
In the event an attack can not be avoided, the next best position is to have as much warning of an imminent terrorist attack as possible.