an armchair traveler

an armchair traveler

One who speaks authoritatively about traveling despite not traveling often. Don't let him discourage you when he's just an armchair traveler who's never been out of the country!
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an armchair something

An armchair critic, fan, traveller, etc. is interested in a particular subject and may talk about it, but does not have any real experience of it. The last thing we need are words of wisdom from an armchair critic. This great book is ideal for both the travelling supporter and the armchair fan.
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an armchair critic, traveller, etc.

a person who knows about a subject only from what they have heard or read and not from personal experience: He’s what you might call an ‘armchair traveller’, having never actually been outside Europe.
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Interspersed with stunning, full-color photography, Archipelago: A Journey Across Indonesia is an armchair traveler's delight.
Back To Europe With A Busy Body is more of an armchair traveler's extravaganza come alive than a practical travel guide.
In late December your energy explodes, so you finally lose the excuses and become something other than an armchair traveler. Arrangements for foreign trips might be daunting, but traveling with a group will ease the burden.
Beautifully illustrated throughout with full color photography and maps, "The World: A Traveller's Guide to the Planet" is the ultimate travel guide for business, for vacationing, or simply for browsing through as an armchair traveler. Also available in a Kindle edition ($16.19), "The World: A Traveller's Guide to the Planet" would make a popular addition to any personal, professional, or community library travel guide collection.
Whether you are an armchair traveler with an interest to romance in distant places, or planning to do some on-site visiting abroad in hopes of (or because of) a love affair, then give Jeannette Belliveau's unique book on the geography of sex and love and travel.
From old Polynesian folktales, to the beauty of Kauai's natural flora and fauna, a seaside luau, and much more, Travel with Kids Hawaii: The Island of Kauai is an armchair traveler's delight as well as an exciting preview of what tourists and their children can hope to see.