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In The Rainmaker (1995), University of Memphis law student Rudy Baylor had his only job offer rescinded just before graduation, leaving him no choice but to work as an ambulance chaser. And in The Associate (2009), Kyle McAvoy, a Yale University law student, was blackmailed into stealing confidential information.
Like an ambulance chaser, SL would always rush to the scene of every mishap-
Melican) is running around town like an ambulance chaser trying to get other vendors worked up."
After eight hours of medical jargon, medical consultants (a hired gun at four thousand dollars per day), a timid plaintiff, and stern sparring between an ambulance chaser and an insurer's company man, I was sent to a room where I and 11 fellow county members fired out dollar amounts in dismissive tones.
"These people went to an ambulance chaser for an attorney, and as though they were filling out a form to get the maximum amount of money they could, checked off every box possible.
Overestimate the optimum angle of lean and you can end up flat on your back, your cranium smacked against a solid object and an ambulance chaser urging you to sign a claim against the chair manufacturer.
However, instead of an ambulance chaser, Adam is good with the horses and kind to people.
Back on the wards at St Margaret's, Anji solves a medical mystery and Beth plays a mischievous game with an ambulance chaser.
Probably about as much as they understood the difference between my mom and an ambulance chaser.
Len Murray, whose high- profile cases included Nazi war criminal Anton Gecas and Paul McCartney on a drugs rap, accuses Joe Beltrami of being a pompous publicity seeker and an ambulance chaser.