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amuse (someone or something) with

To entertain or distract with something. Try to amuse the dog with his ball—anything to get him to stop barking! Whenever we go to a restaurant, I bring along a few toys to amuse our young daughter with.
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keep (one) amused

To entertain or distract one in some manner. Whenever we go to a restaurant, I bring along a few toys to keep our daughters amused. The waiters here keep the diners amused with jokes and even little magic tricks while they eat.
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amuse someone with something

to entertain or interest someone with something. Try to amuse the child with this little toy. She was able to amuse herself with the puzzle for a while.
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keep somebody aˈmused

give somebody interesting things to do, or entertain them so that they do not become bored: Playing with water can keep children amused for hours.
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My husband Baheej had a great ability to be amused, and it showed on his happy face.
His bitter-sweet wit, both on and off the stage, mostly amused - but occasionally offended.
Well, taking such a stand when your relationship goes kaput is your prerogative Ranbir, but do tell us if you are amused because the stories could be true or even false.
You know how easily amused your Whispers staff can be.
I WAS somewhat amused to get a leaflet from St Michael's Labour Party claiming that St Michael's roads are being ignored by the Tory council and that Cllr Solly Bhyat is working hard to ensure the council faces up to its responsibilities.
I am amused by the series of adverts on TV, at the moment, which illustrate how people's words can be misinterpreted and passed on in a completely different and often damning form.
I was rather amused to read my brother's letter to the editor in the January 1 News regarding his correction of the citation to Judge Kent's opinion in the November 15 article "Briefly: How not to write one." I found it even more amusing, and again ironic, that the editors misspelled the section of the letters to the editor: "Briefy: How not to write one." Once again, creating an unexpected error to a key part of the article/letter.
SIR: I was amused by your attempt to justify the new electricity producing windmills (AR November, p32).
We sincerely apologize tot this huge error, and we want to thank all of you who wrote or called and were kind and amused rather than irate.
He was not amused and was even less amused when I told him that due to the council's ticket fiascoI was moving allegiance and changing my vote.
Many of the works I made around this time represent my reactions--sometimes amused but often extremely serious--to pictures by the Brucke artists.
Amused, who was sent off at evens favourite, rewarded her backers with a
The oral tradition of satire was a group experience in which blacks amused themselves, finding some relief from slavery and racial oppression.
>> THE ONE: Speaking of not amused, action star Jet Li is furious when he discovers that one of his many parallel-universe identities is "married to a man."