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amuse (someone or something) with

To entertain or distract with something. Try to amuse the dog with his ball—anything to get him to stop barking! Whenever we go to a restaurant, I bring along a few toys to amuse our young daughter with.
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keep (one) amused

To entertain or distract one in some manner. Whenever we go to a restaurant, I bring along a few toys to keep our daughters amused. The waiters here keep the diners amused with jokes and even little magic tricks while they eat.
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amuse someone with something

to entertain or interest someone with something. Try to amuse the child with this little toy. She was able to amuse herself with the puzzle for a while.
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keep somebody aˈmused

give somebody interesting things to do, or entertain them so that they do not become bored: Playing with water can keep children amused for hours.
See also: amuse, keep, somebody
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Local candle brand Boho also sell their highly original Buddha and skull shaped candles in the store, and Amuse are intent on having as many local brands as possible.
While Amuse concentrated on major arthouse fare and indie films with strong commercial potential, Toshiba Entertainment plans to also move into bigger fare with wider releases.
Spurred by that success, Amuse (again teaming with Cine Quanon) plans to bring two more Korean hits to Japan next year.
Originally a video producer and distributor, Amuse struck paydirt earlier this year with "Swiri," a South Korean import that grossed 1.
Here, the director revisits some of his favourite themes but, familiarity aside, it amuses and entertains.