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The number of share trades on OMX's exchanges reached an all-time high on April 27 amounting to 161,969 trades per day (previous record: 152,282 trades on April 25, 2006).
As of today, (April 27) , Skanska has carried out property divestments worth SEK 750 M during the second quarter, with capital gains amounting to SEK 536 M.
At March 31, 2005, working capital stood at $3,406,000, net of current liabilities amounting to $4,907,000.
In addition, the Parent Company carried out investments and supplementary investments in 20 companies amounting to SEK 724M and decided on participation in investment funds of SEK 400M.
Goodwill paid at the time of acquisitions amounting to NLG 390.
Goodwill paid for acquisitions, amounting to NLG 374.