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Goodwill paid for acquisitions, amounting to NLG 374.
In other countries in Europe, operating results were almost identical to last year, amounting to NLG 109.
During the period, commercial properties with a value of SEK 606 M (1,514) were divested, with gains amounting to SEK 209 M (480).
But even if the coverage had been written on an Actual Cash Value basis, with depreciation factors amounting to 30 percent for example, the co-insurance requirement would still be applicable, simply to the lesser amounts.
The value of daily share trading reached an all-time high on April 21 amounting to EUR 7,957 million.
In addition the Parent Company had agreed unutilised credit facilities amounting to SEK 1,510M (1,020).
Goodwill paid at the time of acquisitions amounting to NLG 390.
At March 31, 2005, working capital stood at $3,406,000, net of current liabilities amounting to $4,907,000.
AB Lindex's Board of Directors intends to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to propose an extra dividend amounting to SEK 4.