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If the recapture amount arising from a disposition of property is limited as a result of a disposition by gift or a tax-free exchange, and the transferee subsequently disposes of the property in a transaction that otherwise produces section 467 recapture, the prior understated inclusion for the transferee is computed by taking into account the amounts attributable to the period of the transferor's ownership.
A variation of the CRUT, called a net income CRUT, pays the donor the lesser of the net income of the trust or the unitrust amount.
The second step is to determine the proper form to use to report the taxable amount paid.
A "B" loan in the amount of $2 million was negotiated by Richard Pergolis for a seven-story elevator apartment house on Broadway and 151st St.
In such a case, the borrower would arguably "receive" a payment from the lender equal to the amount by which the interest rate is reduced.
In general, the amount of the restricted assets must be included in the participants' gross income on the earlier of (1) the date that a plan first provides that assets are restricted to providing benefits because of a change in the employer's financial condition, or (2) the date that the assets are so restricted, whether or not such assets are available to satisfy claims of general creditors.
To determine the implied fair value of goodwill, the fair value of a reporting unit, which is the amount at which the unit as a whole could be bought or sold, is measured first.
VANGUARD/TRUSTEES' EQUITY FUND-INTERNATIONAL PORTFOLIO -- a quarterly distribution from ordinary net income in the amount of $0.
A permanent loan in the amount of $1 million was negotiated by Dave Tobin for a shopping strip containing 8,150 s/f and four stores in Centerport, N.
Determining the amount that can be deducted for incurred-but-unpaid amounts can involve an actuarial calculation.
The third actually is not an exception at all; it is a large variance in an accounting estimate compared with the actual determined amount.
shareholders that hold 10 percent or more of the vote of Canco, then such shareholders would be required to recognize their share of the all earnings and profits amount of Canco.
VANGUARD INDEX TRUST FUND/EXTENDED MARKET PORTFOLIO -- an annual distribution from ordinary net income in the amount of $0.
Richard Pergolis and Barry Swartz arranged a permanent mortgage in the amount of $2.
An amount is verifiable if, on audit, the taxpayer can demonstrate its origin (even if the IRS does not ultimately accept that amount) and can show good faith in entering that number.