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not go amiss

To be helpful and appreciated. An extra pair of hands in the kitchen would not go amiss, you know.
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not come amiss

To be helpful and appreciated. An extra pair of hands in the kitchen would not come amiss, you know.
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take (something) amiss

To consider something unhelpful, unappreciated, or offensive. Please don't take my comment amiss—I was merely trying to suggest a few ways to improve your performance, not criticize everything about it. A: "I was just making a joke, so I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings." B: "Don't worry, I don't think anyone took it amiss."
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take something amiss

 and take something the wrong way
to understand something as wrong or insulting. Would you take it amiss if I told you I thought you look lovely? I was afraid you'd take it the wrong way.
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see under take the wrong way.

take the wrong way

Also, take amiss. Misunderstand, misinterpret, especially so as to take offense. For example, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but you have to give others a chance to speak , or Please don't take their criticism amiss; they mean well. The variant dates from the late 1300s. Also see get someone wrong.
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not come/go aˈmiss

(British English) be useful or pleasant in a particular situation: A little luck wouldn’t go amiss right now!
See also: amiss, come, go, not

take something aˈmiss

(British English) feel offended by something, perhaps because you have understood it in the wrong way: Would she take it amiss if I offered to help? OPPOSITE: take something in good part
See also: amiss, something, take
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the reasons have got a at the Amiss was the first player to score a century for England in a major tournament when he struck 137 against India at Lord's in the first round of group matches in the inaugural World Cup in 1975.
Recalling his first meeting with Amiss in the years before Vallance lost his licence, Turner added: "When he first came to Vallance's he'd never sat on a horse, but he had a plan and said we should ride out at five in the morning to get the horses fit.
Mr Amiss, who went on to become chief executive of Warwickshire after 27 years of service at the club, changed cricket forever after wearing a customised motorcycle helmet in the World Series of Cricket in 1978.
HEADING IN RIGHT DIRECTION Amiss wearing his specially-designed helmet
Once the information was in the public domain that Kevin Pietersen didn't want Peter Moores as his coach, it was always going to be impossible to resolve amicably," Amiss said in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
Her venture is part of the organic free-range duck and egg-selling business at Higher Fingle Farm, Drewsteignton, Devon, run by her parents Nevil and Rona Amiss.
Woolmer made his Test debut against Australia at Lord's in 1975, a match Amiss also played in.
Amiss said: "I spoke to him this week and he was fine.
Amiss, who played 50 Tests, took charge at Edgbaston in 1994 and and has helped transform the ground into one of the country's best Test venues.
There's something amiss about the strange, cold look that sometimes comes into Rhoda's eyes.
To love means to put someone or something before oneself, to rise above the pettiness of the ego, and in that we can never go amiss.
Phytoplankton were collected and identified on a weekly basis at a site near the Amiss water intake of Cross Lake.
Yet the installation had an undeniable impact, hightened by its own signs of denial: shattered plates lined up neatly as if nothing were amiss, carpet "stigmata" fastidiously reinforced with grommets.