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Talk about commitment to skincare, amirite? Available at Essentials Hair and Beauty Salon, Dubai.
PHOTO| ABIGAIL ARUNGA class="MsoBodyTextspan xml:lang="EN-GBDesserts don't and shouldn't be killing you with diabetes in the process of giving in to your sweet tooth, amirite? And to round off the dinner, we had giant shots of tequila that came in little Jagermeister glasses that overwhelmed us with quantity once again.
Ant - Because once he's sorted out his head, of course we all want him to sort out his heart, amirite?
Suspicious timing, amirite? Their plans at the time of announcement included the standard scaling growth dreams most startups have, but quickly pivoted to taking their fight all the way to the Supreme Court once the suit was filed.
Now that many of Trump's supporters have apparently made the world a more hospitable place for anti-Semites, I'd say the timing is right for another Mel Gibson appearance, amirite?
Here we have an app that lists noteworthy apps that have gone free, within a story that lists noteworthy free apps (a classic case of App-ception, amirite?).
Users post a simple question followed by "amirite?" (meaning "Am I Right?") and then people vote if they agree with it ("Yeah you are") or disagree ("No way").
One user went as far as to say that "amirite is better than twitter."
The users of are predominantly in the 16-35 age range and are 60% female.
(We've all been there, amirite?) Abbi's a little tortured by that bit of her own superficiality.
I'm so flabby!' My initial reaction was defensive: Yes, it's soooo easy being confident and showing off your body on the internet as a 220 pound woman of color in our society, amirite?" she wrote, referring to commentators whose confidence might not be sturdy enough to master a bikini.
That's what she used to tell Salman amirite? Ty-Lor gets to the house, where he sees a chef he already knows named Tyler, which is our version of the name he has on his planet.
And, inevitably, the story of the 405 renovationthey are widening it to ten lanes (finally, amirite?)has become a warmhearted tale of interfaith tolerance.