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The Third Amendment, which bars the government, from housing soldiers in private homes, was of great significance at the time: Before and during the Revolutionary War, the British had forced Americans to house their soldiers.
A wide array of religious organizations oppose the amendment.
Schiff did not accept an early defeat regarding the fate of his amendment, but noted: ``We're in this fight for the long haul.
The amendments bills should have been brought keeping the interests of the tribal people in mind.
And the acts required approval of the new "military district" constitutions by Congress, passage of the lingering 14th Amendment by the new Southern "governments," and cooperation by the Southern people in all these processes.
In the process, the Supreme Court established that the First Amendment prohibits government censorship of the press in almost every situation.
Our attorneys looked at the court ruling, and the action that the council is being asked to take for moving forward with the sphere amendment is significantly different action than was litigated,'' Murphy said.
With most circuits seeing the Second Amendment as no obstacle to gun control, advocates of gun rights have turned to other constitutional provisions.
If Bush were to spend his political capital fighting for partial privatization of Social Security and expend none of his influence on pushing the marriage amendment, the Arlington Group maintained that outrage would be fostered in the "countless voters who stood with [Bush] just a few weeks ago, including an unprecedented number of African-Americans, Latinos and Catholics who broke with tradition and supported the president solely because of the issue.
His Republican counterpart, majority leader Frist, has come out strongly in favor of the amendment and is campaigning for Thune.
A First Amendment speech case was decided, as well as a Title VII case involving the required proof in a mixed-motive sexual discrimination case.
Blaine, who, while Speaker of the House in 1875, introduced a constitutional amendment that would have explicitly prohibited any state from providing money to schools "under the control of any religious sect" Introduced at a time of widespread Protestant hostility toward the Catholic Church, the amendment's thinly veiled purpose was to bar public money from supporting Catholic schools.
A prisoner brought an action against a prison alleging deliberate indifference to his exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in violation of the Eighth Amendment.
97-41, 98-14, 99-23, 2000-20 and 2000-27 extended the "remedial amendment period" for the GUST amendments for nongovernmental plans until the last day of the first plan year beginning after 2000.