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Indicating general or emphatic agreement to, with, or about something; an appropriation of the Christian term that concludes and affirms a prayer. Amen, brother. That's an idea I can get behind. "Let us strive toward a better future together," he said. "Amen," I replied.

amen curler

obsolete An assistant or clerk who carries out the various duties for a parish or chapel. Few recognize the work of the amen curlers, who make sure the day-to-day tasks of the parish are looked after.
See also: amen

amen corner

1. An area of seats in a church that is occupied by ardent worshippers. Aunt Mildred goes to church every day, so she sits in the amen corner on Sundays, while we're stuck in the back of the congregation.
2. The tireless supporters of a person, group, or cause. It's a good thing that councilman has his amen corner to rally behind him, because none of the townspeople support his new bill!
See also: amen, corner

amen to that

An expression of agreement. A: "I'm glad this brutal winter is over." B: "Amen to that!"
See also: amen, that
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Therefore, the present study was planned to determine AMEn values of commonly used cereals and cereal by-products in growing male broilers.
i) Equations used specifically to predict the AMEn values of maize and soybean meal included in maize-soybean diets for broilers:
Amen, who is from Colorado, will meet with government officials and community leaders.
Amen urges those suffering to call them on 046 9023 718.
Amen traces his interest in neuroimaging to his work in a dual diagnosis treatment unit in the early 1990s, where he was struck by the extent of brain damage that clients had experienced in their lives.
Amen maintains more than 60,000 brain scan images at his clinics.
25 February 2010 - Capital Intelligence has reiterated its long-term BB- and short-term foreign currency ratings, as well as the BB- financial strength rating (FSR) of Tunisian Amen Bank (TUN:AB).
Andy also played in the band Fairweather when Amen Corner disbanded in 1970.
However, looking towards the second half of 2009, former CEO Amen, has reason to believe that the outlook will be better.
It's 50 years since the testing stretch around 11, 12 and 13 was first christened Amen Corner by legendary golf writer Herb Warren Wind.
Amen was intent on creating a space where women of color felt welcomed and embraced, as well as challenging how bellydance was depicted.
In Getting to Amen, Lora-Ellen McKinney addresses the incompatible ideas that arise in any body politic, and offers advice on acknowledging and overcoming conflict.
And the GREAT AMEN would have meaning--indeed it would be the moment when the people in whose name the priest has spoken (he uses WE 22 times in the first Eucharistic prayer) now proclaim loudly their approval of what he has said and done in their name.