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Indicating general or emphatic agreement to, with, or about something; an appropriation of the Christian term that concludes and affirms a prayer. Amen, brother. That's an idea I can get behind. "Let us strive toward a better future together," he said. "Amen," I replied.

amen curler

obsolete An assistant or clerk who carries out the various duties for a parish or chapel. Few recognize the work of the amen curlers, who make sure the day-to-day tasks of the parish are looked after.
See also: amen

amen corner

1. An area of seats in a church that is occupied by ardent worshippers. Aunt Mildred goes to church every day, so she sits in the amen corner on Sundays, while we're stuck in the back of the congregation.
2. The tireless supporters of a person, group, or cause. It's a good thing that councilman has his amen corner to rally behind him, because none of the townspeople support his new bill!
See also: amen, corner

amen to that

An expression of agreement. A: "I'm glad this brutal winter is over." B: "Amen to that!"
See also: amen, that
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2011) to be applicable for the prediction of the AMEn values of feedstuffs for broilers:
Alshafei used Shiites such as Amen to collect the money and led them to believe he was licensed to make the transfers.
This superiority of the responder flows directly from the fact that amen is what gives blessings their social dimension.
During peak times in the early '70s, Amen toured roughly twelve weeks a year and employed as many as twenty-six dancers and musicians.
But even though the play The Amen Corner (1954) is obviously different in genre from the novel Go Tell It on the Mountain (1952), it is not very different in idiom or message.
A draft plan of a Tourism facility to certain Members of Parliamenthas been submitted by the Amen Amen Institute.
6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 100,000 people have signed up to take the Before Amen Prayer Challenge since its launch in September this year.
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) signed an agreement with Amen Bank to support smaller businesses and drive job creation in Tunisia.
TUNIS (TAP) - The International Financial Corporation (IFC), member of the World Bank Group in charge of developing the private sector in developing countries, took share in November 2011 in the Amen Sante's capital by 20%, through foreign direct investments whose first part amounts to 5,431,250 Tunisian dinars (MTD), i.
AMEN Corner singer Andy Fairweather Low will be returning to Wales this week.
The Welsh-born musician, who is most famous for being the lead singer of the 1960s rock band Amen Corner, will take the stage at a dinner concert.
What's striking about this passage is not that God thought a woman's digestive tract could determine guilt, but that it is the Bible's first--as well as history's first documented--mention of the term amen.
FOOD IS YOUR MEDICINE OR YOUR POISON--you make the choice every nine you eat " Amen learned early on that maintaining good health could yield great rewards.
BOO WEEKLEY, the tobaccochewing pro who once fought an orangutan, has revealed he had never heard of Amen Corner.