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amber nectar

Beer, especially lager. Primarily heard in Australia. It's been a long day at work, I'm looking for a bit of amber nectar when I finish!
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grey amber

Another term for ambergris, a waxy substance excreted by sperm whales and used as a fixative, especially in the preparation of perfumes. The large chunk of grey amber that washed ashore is worth more than gold!
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amber gambler

slang A driver who speeds through an intersection just before the traffic light is about to turn red. The middle (yellow) traffic signal is often referred to as being the color amber. Primarily heard in UK. If you keep being a reckless ambler gambler, you're going to get into a car accident soon enough!
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a fly in amber

a curious relic of the past, preserved into the present.
The image is of the fossilized bodies of insects which are often found preserved in amber.
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No one knows exactly how amber acts as a preservative.
Working in conjunction with the Amber Alert GPS device and web portal to provide simple, one-touch access to a child's location, the free Amber Alert GPS "Parent" app is designed to make life easier for busy, on-the go parents.
Amber Database : Provides a free and secure place for parents to store important information on their children.
Emily, of Leam Lane, Gateshead, said: "It was a living nightmare and I was scared to death that Amber would not survive.
List three more things you would like to learn about amber.
I'VE been fascinated by amber ever since I found a piece on a Norfolk beach some twenty years ago.
When old specimens are found, they're most often preserved as single strands in amber, says David A.
We are very pleased that insurers will consider Amber Certifications when underwriting policies for hedge funds and their managers," said Reiko Nahum, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Amber Partners.
If people tell you the Amber Alert System doesn't matter, tell them to ask Jacqui Marris.
Department of Justice (DOJ) in recognizing the success of the AMBER Alert program and reminding citizens of the vital role they can play to aid in the recovery of abducted children by registering to receive Wireless AMBER Alerts[TM].
In addition to being a witness, Amber is also a victim of Scott's deception.
So, what should you do if you suffer the misfortune of dropping a fragile, 20-million-year-old piece of amber that entombs a perfectly preserved fossil termite?
New Amber FX Analyzer Builds on Highest Performance, Highest Capacity Platform to Address Critical 40-nm Timing and Process Variance with Near-SPICE Accuracy