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Let's hope so - as buzz-speaking Siobhan might say, we need Morton to mash-up some ideas, push the envelope of creativity and deliver some more scripts that are, like, totes amazeballs.
peterbakas "Put a bet on @kerriannecovell @ odds of 51$ knew you were amazeballs :) now into 9$ il definately be cheering you on all the way from oz
This is gonna be freaken amazeballs woooo can't wait.
Circus 2 Shoes may never have won but at least they could have helped to make The X Factor amazeballs (as they might say).
They find the laptop-like Skoda Citigo, to use the new vernacular, amazeballs and all talk of speed and comfort TBDL at best and possibly fudgenugget.
BLOOTERED, amazeballs and mummy porn are among more than 80 words and phrases that have been added to an online dictionary.
MORE than 80 words and terms including blootered, amazeballs and mummy porn have been added to an online dictionary.
The August update of the Oxford Dictionary online provides a fascinating insight into the changes with a whole raft of new words being added from humblebrag to amazeballs and acronyms like SMH (shaking my head).
Ants are amazeballs, the way they scurry around carrying leaves that are as heavy as mahoosive bricks to them, as they get busy with nesting.
Which I do answer, obviously (well, once I've properly vetted his credentials), but let's be honest, the old landline is archaic now, an anachronism, a 20th-century invention that was, like, so totes amazeballs, but is on course to be obsolete in less than a decade.
They were, as they'd say in Essex, totes amazeballs, and were entertaining to watch.
Tulisa added: "I picked good old Spraggers because she's amazeballs.
KATHERINE Lynch is back in the Wagons' Den saddle this Christmas for a seriously celeb-a-licious and totes amazeballs Crimbo Special.
JULY 11, 2011 Dahling Diary, AMAZEBAllS to meet you.