amalgamate with

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amalgamate with

To mix or merge with. I wonder how the two groups of kids will amalgamate with each other. What department is ours being amalgamated with?
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amalgamate something with something

to unite something with something else; to merge two things. We will amalgamate this company with another firm. How long has our local been amalgamated with the national union?

amalgamate with something

to join with something; to merge with something. Our group decided to amalgamate with another group. The groups did not amalgamate after all.
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Hundreds of barrowsful of earth amalgamated with pebbles, and rounded into cones, with sinuous.
Archer's world lay the almost unmapped quarter inhabited by artists, musicians and "people who wrote." These scattered fragments of humanity had never shown any desire to be amalgamated with the social structure.
"That's true; but when it ceased to exist, the /Weekly Review/ was amalgamated with the /Periodical/, and so your article appeared two months ago in the latter.
("FFIMCO"), the Manager of the imaxxFunds(TM), will be amalgamated with its affiliate, Foresters Asset Management Inc.
Conservationists demand that a thorough probe be done to find out how the building, protected under Heritage Act, was allowed to be demolished, and how its plot was amalgamated with another plot to camouflage its illegality and how a multistory building was allowed in its place which is now almost complete.
In Winnipeg, while all but two of the 21 Presbyterian congregations in the city became part of the United Church of Canada, none amalgamated with another congregation in the year following church union.
"The agreement with Trimont equips Amalgamated with access to top talent in loan sourcing, credit underwriting and construction loan servicing, thereby enabling the bank to expand funding for the construction and rehabilitation of affordable homes for working families."
* By amalgamation type--it was possible to define two different amalgamation types in Estonia: those where an urban centre (a town) has amalgamated with rural municipalities (N=16), and amalgamations where rural municipalities have amalgamated with each other (N=4);
The new options could see John Summers High School amalgamated with Connah's Quay High School, and Connah's Quay councillors have set up a protest group against the plan, call 'Hands Off Connah's Quay High School'.
The show explores the medium of oil on canvas using the symbolism of women for beauty and horse for power amalgamated with some signs of sun and moon.
The remainder of the lands, 32.2 hectares, will be amalgamated with the home farm operation owned by Charest at 452 West River Rd.
He believes the force could be amalgamated with the Durham and Northumbria forces in the coming years.
The retirement proposals require that holdings of farmers wishing to take early retirement be amalgamated with another holding or put to non-agricultural use.
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