amalgamate with

amalgamate with (someone or something)

To mix or merge with (someone or something). I wonder how the two groups of kids will amalgamate with each other. What department is ours being amalgamated with? If these files need to be amalgamated with the Maine files, I'll have my intern do it.
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amalgamate something with something

to unite something with something else; to merge two things. We will amalgamate this company with another firm. How long has our local been amalgamated with the national union?
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amalgamate with something

to join with something; to merge with something. Our group decided to amalgamate with another group. The groups did not amalgamate after all.
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(ITI) to amalgamate with Arbutus Brands to accelerate Choom's direction as a fully integrated cannabis group, the company said.
Pursuant to the definitive agreement, Arbutus Brands will amalgamate with ITI, with the amalgamated company remaining a wholly owned subsidiary of the company operating under the name of Arbutus Brands, and all of the issued and outstanding securities of ITI will be exchanged for securities of Choom.
In accordance with the terms of the definitive agreement, ITI will amalgamate with Arbutus Brands following which the resulting amalgamated entity will continue as a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.
Not every Presbyterian, Methodist, and Congregationalist congregation found another church to amalgamate with, but many did.
The PS3.9million development will be built at Gun Hill, on the site of the current infant school, and will amalgamate with Herbert Fowler Junior School.
Do they have a job or not, or are they being forced to amalgamate with another regiment outside Wales?
Global Banking News-7 July 2009-BMO Investments to amalgamate with Guardian Group of Funds(C)2009 ENPublishing -
International Resource News-29 June 2009-Thor Explorations to Amalgamate with Magnate Ventures(C)2009 ENPublishing -
The school is to close and amalgamate with St Mary's RC Primary, in Lansdowne Road, Hillfields.
Rumney High: To close, amalgamate with new school on Llanrumney site.
Cwrt Yr Ala Junior, Caerau will amalgamate with Caerau Infant and Caerau Nursery on the Caerau site in Caerau Lane;
The first of the meetings will take place next Tuesday at Eburne Primary School, Deedmore Road, Wood End, which could close and amalgamate with Wood End Primary under the proposals.
INFANT SCHOOLS: Caerau Infant, Caerau Lane To place Caerau Nursery on Caerau Infant site and amalgamate with Cwrt Yr Ala Junior School.
Hywel Dda Infant, Ely Amalgamate with Hywel Dda Junior, September 2007.